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Five More Years!

Chez Mars. The newscaster announces that The Woodman has won the office of County Supervisor, "the position historically referred to as the Mayor of Neptune." Hee, not exactly, but points for style. The newscaster then calls the sheriff's race in Lamb's favor. Veronica's bummed, but Keith doesn't seem that disappointed, and says they'll get Lamb in 2010. Good Lord, and I had unpleasant enough associations just with "four more years." Cliff bright-sides that 49% of Neptune still likes Keith, which is nice, if probably inaccurate. Between Keith's release of Driver Ed and Lamb's personality, I'd bet a lot of votes cast in this election were from the school of "anyone but him." Veronica and Keith rehash their argument about whether they should have released the recording of the bus crash, and then Keith tells her to go to Duncan's party, since he's got Cliff to keep him company. Cliff: "I promise to hold his hair back if he has to make sick in the toilet." Hee. And considering how many times he probably did that with Lianne, I'd say karma owes Keith a few of those.

Dick is telling Gia that if his dad ever comes back to the U.S., he's looking at ten to fifteen years at "Club Fed." Gia asks if living alone isn't weird, and Dick smooves that it's tough, since his real mom has a new family in San Francisco, so he's just trying to take care of The Beav. And his solo presence at the party suggests that he's doing a bang-up job on that front. Gia excuses herself to talk to Veronica, and expresses her sympathy at the election results. Veronica in turn congratulates Gia, saying that she's now "Neptune's First Daughter." Gia busts on the Bush twins, and then asks Veronica what she thinks about Dick. And never has an increase in my perception of a character's esteem been quite so fleeting. Veronica observes Dick pumping a keg with both hands, and with a smile that somehow manages to be both wry and sardonic, opines, "What can I say? Dick is just...Dick." If the message "Dick is someone who'll give GHB to his girlfriend and urge his brother to nail an unconscious girl" is contained in that sentence, they're getting really subtle with the subtext.

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