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The conversation is interrupted by the appearance of Deputy Sacks. VMVO thinks it's "ballsy" to "bust the Mayor's kid's party on Election Night." That's weird, because I thought this was Duncan's party. Also, it's County Supervisor, Veronica! I know you were watching that newscast! Sacks informs Logan that Lamb would like a word with him, and Logan responds that he'd like to be "the crème filling in an Olsen twins sandwich." And that's the first time that Mary-Kate Olsen and sandwiches have been associated with each other in quite some time. Logan asks Sacks to make things official, and Sacks obliges, cuffing Logan as he arrests him for murdering Felix. If his desire was to get Sacks to manhandle him, a trip through the forums would suggest that he's not alone. ["But seriously, you guys. THAT GUY?!" -- Wing Chun] Veronica observes with what looks like some amount of consternation as Sacks leads Logan away just as Duncan (in ANOTHER ARGYLE SWEATER, MAKE IT STOP) returns with more booze. Dick raises his arms and is all, "Douche chill!" Hee. It's the new awkward.

Keith calls the sheriff's office looking for Lamb, but Lamb motions for Sacks to take a message, since he's busy with Logan. They are sitting awfully close, in case you were wondering what kind of "busy" I meant. Keith says he just wanted to say "good race" and "congratulations" and all manner of things that get stuck in your throat like the thickest of mashed potatoes when they're directed to someone like Lamb. Keith learns that Lamb had the bus brought up from the ocean. Now, I'm no detective, but shouldn't this maybe have been done already? I know Lamb's been busy blackmailing local athletes, but still.

Veronica arrives at Mars Investigations as VMVO tells us that she'd like to prevent another "bad surprise." Before we learn what that might be, however, she notices a drunk sitting in a corner. She starts to say something, but Abel Koontz reveals his face and breathes, "Veronica Mars." Veronica is like, "Abel Koontz?" Now that we've established that we know each other, can we get to the DUN DUN DUN?

Cut to Veronica helping Koontz into Mars Investigations. He babbles that his daughter Amelia is missing, and that he needs Veronica's help to find her before he dies. VMVO notes that this is a surprise indeed, and in a brilliant touch, she sets off the surprise to which she was referring earlier, which is balloons and confetti. I love when you need a Ginsu blade to get through the irony. Credits.

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