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In front of a pay phone across the street from Kane Software, VMVO takes entirely too long to tell us that she's at the site of Amelia's last call, so she knows whom to talk to.

Inside, we see the dapper and intimidating Clarence Wiedman himself. He notices that his office door is open, and his absent assistant returns with a story that someone called and said her car was being towed. Looking like he knows who that someone might be, Wiedman enters his office to discover Veronica sitting at his desk. Veronica: "What are you the head of again?" Hee, but careful, Veronica. Before he was Head of Security, he was Head of Shutting People Up By Any Means Necessary. And believe me, I've been to a few parties where his services would have been invaluable. Veronica asks where Amelia is, alleging that part of the settlement was that Amelia disappear, and mentioning the phone call. Wiedman smoothly says that all he did was give Amelia paperwork to sign, and that the phone call wasn't to him, so Veronica should "get back to minding [her] own business." Oh, Wiedman. Veronica's been to paradise, but she's never been to minding her own business. Wiedman threatens her by picking up the phone. Veronica: "No need to call yourself to escort me out." Hee. Wiedman balefully watches Veronica go.

Dick is telling Duncan about some place where, if you drink a certain drink, you get a shirt. Duncan asks why he'd want a "Señor Shrimp" shirt, only he pronounces the first word "Senior," and I'd think the guy with the genius GPA would be able to pronounce that word correctly, especially since he LIVES LIKE HALF AN HOUR FROM THE MEXICAN BORDER. Tan estupido, Senior Duncan. Dick says that the shirt has a shrimp with the caption "Eat me." Oh, Dick. You're so...Dick. Weevil and some bikers ride in on an awkward segue, and Weevil tells Dick and Duncan about the witness coming forward. Dick asks if they changed the laws such that it's a crime to kill a Mexican now. Weevil was being an asshole there, but that comment still seems waaaay out of bounds to me, as it seemingly does to Duncan, so I'm surprised that Weevil easily lets it go as Dick and Duncan bail. Hector, whom we've seen at least twice before, appears and seethes that Logan made bail "in, like, two minutes." Well, not quite, but I understand where he's coming from. The bikers use a homophobic comment as an impetus to decide they need to do something about Logan. I'll just let you work out the subtext there.

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