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Veronica catches Duncan in the hall and kisses him, eliciting a mild "Ew" from Dick. Duncan asks Veronica about a couple different bars: "Enbom" got them all new fake IDs from Rhode Island. Well, in that vein, I'd suggest they get wasted at a little bar called "Klemmer's." The ID reference gives Veronica an idea, and Duncan actually picks up on that point. It looks like Duncan is becoming more cognizant of how Veronica thinks. Having seen the end of the episode, I'll predict that that's not going to last. Veronica takes leave of her boyfriend and calls Amelia's roommate, asking who supplied Amelia with the fake ID she needed to go on the Booze Cruise. Turns out it was her cousin...

..."Margot Schnell," who rented a car at the San Diego Airport a week earlier. Given that schnell means "fast" in German, I hope they had a certain Tracy Chapman CD with them. When life gives you these cues, it's best to play along.

Lamb is driving Logan home as Logan says that two days in jail means two days of Ellen on the TiVo. I bet Logan's TiVo's suggestions of programs he'd like have gotten a lot more numerous since LOGO came into being. Lamb hears something on the police radio, and asks Logan what his address is again...

...because when they get there, his house is totally on fire and the grounds are crawling with police cars and fire trucks. Lamb and Logan get out of the car and stare. Lamb: "That's gonna mess up your TiVo." Hee. Now how's he going to watch Noah's Arc?

Veronica approaches some guy who happens to be behind a rental-car counter. He also happens to be the creator of Buffy and Angel. Between them, those two shows lasted Ten seasons on the WB -- a highly impressive achievement. There were also two seasons on UPN, but I'd like to play nice here. One other point: the name of the agency is "Lariat Rental Car," a shout-out to the 2007 Wonder Woman movie that Joss is writing and directing. I'd like to throw that lariat around him and ask who he's going to cast as the lead. Few choices could make me avoid that movie, but Mischa Barton is certainly one of them. Veronica tells Joss she's hoping he can help her, and he affably says that's what he's there for. She notes that she's talking to the right guy, since Joss has an "Employee Of The Month" picture of himself up on the wall. Those are easier to get when you're a showrunner. Veronica gives a bullshit story designed to find out what car Margot rented, and Joss tells Veronica that schnell means "fast" in German. Now you all think I learned that from Joss, where in fact I learned it from my college German teacher, who just happened to be named "Miss Dent." Yeah, I don't know what happened to her either. Veronica fakes being impressed and asks if Joss speaks German, and he playfully answers, "Jawohl." You know, if Joss can make German sound sexy, maybe he should consider stepping out in front of the camera more often. Joss tells Veronica that the car is a white LeSabre, but that it's rented at the moment. Veronica's face falls, but she tries to banter with Joss. No dice.

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