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Logan can't believe that Trina's decked out in "Mom's" clothes, but Trina points out that Lynn was only her stepmom, and that she used to "parade through the house in a string bikini whenever [Trina] had a boy over." Well, considering the show Lynn put on for a few leering friends of her son, I'm going to take Trina's word for it. Logan says that "Dad" could have used her presence after Lynn's death, but Trina calls him out on his hatred for Haaron, asking if he isn't the "big bad wolf." Logan silently mouths "No," to her. I don't think he's disagreeing with her, considering the job the Foley artists did on the sounds of leather on skin. Rather, I think he's begging her not to mention his "stories" of abuse in front of Veronica, which is intriguing, both for the point that she didn't know about it despite the fact that they were close friends, and the point that he cares about whether she knows now, despite the fact that they're not friends anymore. Have I mentioned in a paragraph or two how much I love this show? It spins me right round, baby, right round. Despite Logan's plea, however, Trina won't hush, or keep it down, down, as she continues about "cigarette burns and broken noses. Oh, the stories you used to tell!" Yeah, and they make Grimm's Fairy Tales look jolly by comparison. Logan fights down his sorrow as he snarks that they should get together more often, and Trina says that he's in luck, since she's heading home. Logan: "But if you're coming home, who will play Dead Hooker 2 on C.S.I. this week? How will you get your attention fix?" Trina: "Maybe I can be the ring girl at one of your bum fights." You guys, I think someone was in the loop after all. And that loop is super-bitchy, so she probably reads TWoP. Not wanting this to go any further, Veronica steps in between them and brightly suggests she and Logan get going. Trina, sounding more sincere, fondly says that Veronica is all grown up, and that they should hang out while she's in town. Veronica uncomfortably agrees, but I'm sensing a slight bit of hero-worship left over from when Veronica was younger. Hey, we all liked the first three seasons of Buffy. Veronica starts to lead a hesitant and dazed Logan away, but stops when he starts to break down. Some people felt that this was a bit abrupt, but I think he was holding it together in front of Trina, and couldn't hold it anymore. Veronica looks sad and uncomfortable as Logan loses it in her arms. Oh, Logan. You're bringin' on the heartbreak.

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