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Helping People Is Overrated

Barstow. Veronica, in normal clothes, pulls into a lot and walks into a seedy bar. It's day, which makes little sense, since Barstow can't be more than a three-hour drive from the San Diego area. I mean, I could see changing the outfit, but beyond that, I'd think she'd want to get there as quickly as possible. I suppose Keith might miss her, though. She goes up to a woman slumped over the bar and asks, "Mom?" Unlike the situation with Logan, it is actually her mother. Not that it's easy to tell, with the looking like ten miles of rough road and all. And that's just her hair. Lianne's eyes focus, and she freaks out, saying that if they're seen together, Veronica will get hurt. Veronica yells that she knows who was blackmailing them. Is it Clarence Wiedman? Because if not, it seems like quite the coincidence that he's standing right there. He strides out to menacing music. Over the credits, Lianne breathes, "Veronica." For those of you worried about their safety, just remember this: a girl in trouble is a temporary thing.

Four-week break! And then, seven straight episodes, culminating in the resoluton of the Lilly Kane mystery! See you then!

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