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Veronica calls a bunch of animal hospitals looking to track down the dog. She lucks out, and spins a yarn for the woman about how she has a Catahoula Leopard dog too, and she and "Lulu" met Steve the week before, and basically, Lulu's been humping everything that moves since, so could the woman ask the owner if he might be interested in breeding his dog with hers? She agrees. Veronica then calls Saint Blonde and asks if they could leave a little early for the party so she can make a stop. Probably to buy some amphetamines, in order to keep up with the pace of this episode. She hears back from the woman at the hospital, and the answer is no. I'm guessing Steve was not consulted in that decision.

Sheriff's station. Saint Blonde says she doesn't understand what they're doing there, but, upon seeing Leo wave at Veronica, says it's all clear now. Hee. Leo marble-mouthedly greets her, and it does seem like that's a quality she likes in guys. Veronica says she needs a little favor, but her attention is distracted by a sketch hanging on the wall. It's her, with horns. Hee. Leo says they have a sketch artist up from San Diego, and he figured he'd test him out: "He's not bad." I like seeing Veronica getting shit she deserves. It's a refreshing change from the other kind. The artist in question appears, and Veronica greets him as "Karl," and congratulates him, as she finally feels, in finger-quotes, "wanted." Heh. Karl tells her to say hi to Keith for him. If Karl has an affinity for Keith, I really want to see him sketch Officer Fuckface. Horns would be just the beginning. Veronica asks Leo if he can find out who the woman at the animal hospital called. Leo isn't sure about it, but Veronica tells him there's a long history of back-scratching between cops and private dicks. I feel like that sentence could be made very naughty with the slightest rearrangement. Leo asks when she scratches his back. Not until she's eighteen, if the forum posters have anything to say about it. Veronica suggests that Leo "and Sax" bust the party she and Saint Blonde are going to. She goes over to Saint Blonde, who notes that Leo totally wants "to protect and serve" her. Hee. I like Saint Blonde. I should probably change her name. To something really short, like "Meg." Ooh, would you look at that!

Veronica and Meg enter the party, which is a set we've seen before, but I can't decide if it's Madison (Makeup, Makeup, Makeup!)'s house or the college dorm in "The Wrath Of Con." Veronica notes that it's nice, and Caz appears to tell her that it's a model home: his dad's a developer. Given the quality of the writing on this show, I'm going to take that as a shout-out to Arrested Development, even though, given where the show takes place, it's just as likely to be an homage to The O.C.. Caz asks if the girls would like a drink. Meg says she's fine. Caz agrees with a finger-gun, "You are super-fine." Meg tries valiantly to keep from cracking up as Veronica covers the same impulse by asking for a soda. He says they're out, but points them toward the keg. Caz asks Meg if she went to the game the night before. Meg says she was there, cheering, duh? She tries to get some sort of recognition from him by saying she's "kewl." She does not realize that a cerebrum is vital in producing said reaction. During this exchange, you can see Veronica merrily chatting with some girl in the background, and her social ostracism really does seem to be losing steam. Speaking of steam, that's what's coming out of Meg's ears when Caz accidentally spills beer all over her. To his marginal credit, Caz does apologize in a dumbstruck manner. That's Method for you. Looking to dry off, Meg runs into the other candidate for admirer, Martin, who's very nice to her. Veronica asks to borrow his cell phone, like, SUBTLE, but the battery dies. Duncan comes up to her and asks if she knows what's going on with Logan, since he's camped out in a hotel lobby in L.A. Veronica's surprised to hear he's still there, and says she'll take care of it as she flips Martin's phone back to him. Meg stops her to say she'd look good on Caz's arm, "but do you have anything available in sensitive or charming?" Veronica: "I can check in the back." Hee. Veronica asks Meg if she's okay to get a ride home, and Meg says she'll be fine. Veronica corrects her to say that she'll be super-fine. Finger-guns all around.

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