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Logan drifts in and out of sleep. Lynn, wake him up before you go-go. The British jerk comes over to tell Logan that the lobby is for hotel guests only. Logan flashes a credit card: "So book me a room, Jeeves." He asks for a room-service menu as well. The guy smiles a smile that actually sucks my fists toward the TV. That hasn't happened to me since I had to recap Oliver Hudson. Veronica arrives and regards Logan sympathetically. She says he can't sit there forever, and that they should "smoke her out." She makes a call, identifies herself as Lynn Lester, and reports the platinum card lost.

Sometime later, as jarring piano music plays, a woman strides out of the private elevator. We only see her from the back, and she's wearing a black hat and dress. Logan breathes, "That's her." I'm nervous. Hold me now.

Logan rushes toward the desk, a smile breaking across his face as he asks, "Mom?" The woman in question turns and takes off her sunglasses. No lie, they are the exact ones Kim Carnes wore in the video for "Bette Davis Eyes." And it's fitting, because couldn't you just picture Bette Davis as Logan's chain-smoking great-grandmother? Anyway, behind the shades is...Alyson Hannigan. Now, I have to confess that Willow was nowhere near my favorite character for any stretch of Buffy, and I couldn't abide her at all by the end. But I'm willing to keep an open mind, even if I'm holding a yellow crayon at the ready. Alyson breezily greets Logan, and asks, "Did you just call me 'Mom'?" She calls him "brother," and says that "you know Mom's...gone, right?" So this is the Trina we've heard so little about. Logan acidly notes that she's supposed to be in Australia, but she says that didn't work out. She's not too big in Japan, either. Her little smile there is very Willow-esque. Crayola, don't fail me now. Trina's eyes go past Logan, and she eagerly greets Veronica. Veronica, having goggled in the background for this whole scene, somewhat shyly says hello to Trina in response. Trina asks if the whole "Brat Pack" is there, and wonders if it's prom night, and they've all got a room. These questions all come with just the right mix of condescension and uninterest, and my hopes are rising for the character. Logan looks dazed, but when Trina says she's been "out of the loop lately," and starts to mock-excitedly ask if he and Veronica are an item, he tells her to shut up with such vehemence that you'd think Veronica was the whore of Babylon. Whom, considering he dated Paris Hilton, would be a couple of steps up.

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