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Monkey See, Monkey Die

Veronica is showing Gil and Pauline the pictures she took of the rats, but tells them that Bronson said he didn't have 25. Pauline notes that they can get a search warrant, and then Veronica is interrupted by a call from Mac, who tells her that she found something interesting in the hard drive. Let me guess: monkey porn?

Sacks shows up with a warrant to search Bronson's place.

Veronica enters Mac's room, and Mac starts babbling that she removed the RAM card from the computer to let it dry out. Veronica, however, has bigger, nerdier fish to fry, saying that the cops raided Bronson's place and found nothing. Given that it was just Sacks strolling around there, I think "raid" is an overstatement, although he certainly was wearing his most official-looking mustache. Mac adorably says that she didn't want Bronson to get into trouble, and that she believes his story. Veronica sighs, but she was already kind of over it before she entered the room. Mac hands her a plastic baggie and says that she found the contents on the motherboard. Veronica: "Looks like little leaves." See, I'm not the only one who's doing it today. Mac asks if she thinks it means anything, and Veronica smiles.

Veronica goes to see Nipples of Steel, shows her the bag, and asks if she knows where the leaves might have come from. You'll notice that she doesn't actually accuse her of sabotaging the hard drive, which is a welcome change indeed. NOS tells Veronica that the leaves are green tea. As Veronica disbelievingly repeats that, NOS grabs a container of moist towelettes off a shelf, exposing a plastic banana squeaky toy. NOS confesses that she stole it off 25's cage on a weekend, since the sound was driving her nuts. Veronica puzzles over that...

...and we cut to her inspecting Pauline and Gil's space. She quickly finds and opens a container of leaves. From the look on her face after she smells it, she's located the green tea. Ironically, she does not seem soothed.

Later, Veronica has reassembled the magazines as VMVO tells us that all she found was "near-naked ladies"...

...and then Gil returns home to find Veronica waiting for him. He tries playing dumb at first, but Veronica, handing him the banana, sympathetically tells him that she heard 25 behind the door. So to catch up: the presence of the toy alerted Veronica to the idea that someone in the lab regarded 25 as more than a research experiment. My personal favorite touches? Gil's leering at NOS, which made the magazines seem in character, and the fact that a person working on cholesterol experiments drinks green tea, which is thought to lower cholesterol. Gil squeaks the banana into the last commercial break.

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