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Before I get started, two things: First, Happy New Year! And second, for those of you that don't keep up with this stuff, this episode was originally supposed to air the week before "An Echolls Family Christmas," but UPN pulled it because they thought the material was too "dark" for the holidays. The last television programming that those associated with it referred to as "dark" was Buffy Season 6, so you'll forgive me if I take a moment to shudder all the bad associations out. Brrrr. I may need a liberal definition of "moment" on that one.

Oh, and one more thing: For the thousandth time, congrats, Pamie and Stee.

Veronica walks into the kitchen and wishes Keith a good morning, to which she receives a "You don't go to the Oceanside bars where the college kids hang out, do you?" in reply. Well geez, Keith, a girl's gotta get her reputation somewhere -- there's only so far a pair of panties will go. Or so my female friends tell me. Veronica makes a joke, but it's no laughing matter, as apparently the "E-string strangler" has struck again. So we're either looking for a person who has a fetish for guitar strings for that particular chord, or for a person who spends a lot of time online. It's probably the former, but considering some of the people whose posting privileges have been revoked on our site, I wouldn't rule out the latter. Veronica recalls that this was Keith's case, and thought they caught the guy in Oakland two years earlier. Keith bitterly exposits that the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce were quick to believe that the Oakland strangler committed the Neptune crimes, but the profile didn't quite fit. That's interesting -- if Keith made a big stink at the time about the Oakland strangler not being the right guy, he might have been in Dutch with the city before the Jake Kane issue, making the Mayor more inclined to get rid of him. Man. Did I just say "in Dutch"? I did just have a birthday, but I turned thirty-five, not seventy.

School, outside. Wallace and Veronica are carrying hot dogs as he tells her that even "[his] mom is scared to drive home alone." That's the same mom that was intimidated by Psycho Aidan Quinn, right? Who was in turn intimidated by Keith's barking like a patron of the Maison de Sade restaurant in Chelsea? Wallace, your mom's the gold standard of bad-assery the way you're the gold standard of cool. Some dork interrupts them, telling Veronica he hears she does detective work. She dismissively says she does favors for friends. That's what your purity test said. Thank you! Geez, first I'm seventy, then I'm twelve. Maybe thirty-five is the average age of all my personalities. Is not. Is too! Is not! Is TOO!

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