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Mac's Daddy...

But not yet, as we cut to Leo packing his things at the sheriff's office. Veronica tells Leo that was a smooth move, saving her father's life and all. He tells her, however, that he's been suspended for a week, since "someone" left the evidence room unlocked during his shift. Veronica looks chastened. Leo's a good sport about the whole thing, although that could be because Veronica's the first person to come see his band rehearse in the history of ever. He does say, though, "Can't say I wasn't warned," which is interesting. VMVO says something unnecessary, but she's off her game with the whole using-the- nice-cute-guy- who-saved- her-father's-life thing. Mac interrupts Veronica's self-flagellating with a phone call. She says she unscrambled the message, and Veronica can come by in the morning, although it has to be early, since she's going camping with her family. Mmm, tofu dogs!

Chez Mac. Mommie BLONDE bustles around doing some last-minute packing as Mac plays the message for Veronica using different methods of decryption. On the third try, Veronica says she knows who it is. She could have watched the previouslies and saved herself fifty-five minutes of suspense.

Outside, Mac sees her BRUNETTE mom parked a short distance away. She goes up to the car and puts her hand on the window, and her biological mom reciprocates. Mac's BLONDE mom calls to Mac, distracting her, and her BRUNETTE mom takes that opportunity to hightail it out of there. Geez, that...kind of sucked. I mean, rather than act like one of them is passing into the great beyond like at the end of Ghost or something, couldn't they just make a date to have coffee? Mac gets into the camper, apparently accepting her parents for who they are. I guess I can stop holding my breath now.

Veronica puts a telephoto lens on her camera as VMVO tells us that what she's doing isn't her smartest move. This may not mean that much at the beginning of January, but that's the understatement of the year. She says she wants him to know what it feels like...

...and we cut to the "him" in question, who is of course Clarence Wiedman. His receptionist gives him an envelope, which contains photos of himself. One of them is with his ostensible child. It's too bad this isn't the poker-themed episode, because that's an example of what they call "upping the stakes." By the way, some posters were surprised that, given that Wiedman is still working at Kane Software, there was no apparent fallout after Jake Kane found out about the pictures Wiedman took of Veronica. Again, this episode was originally supposed to air before that happened. Wiedman tells the receptionist that he wants to know who paid to have the package messengered over, and we see he's played by Christopher B. Duncan of The Jamie Foxx Show. VMVO: "You send target photos of me to my mom, you call in the Abel Koontz tip. Two words for you, Clarence Wiedman: game on." And just like Weevil, a little taste of the season arc goes a long, long way.

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