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No-tell motel. Keith and Fuckface pause at a door, hearing female moaning sounds. Supposing they're coming from a videotape, Keith knocks. I'd be surprised Fuckface isn't adjusting himself, but realize that that's probably not often necessary for him, if you take my meaning. Go back to the conversation about guns and guitars if you're confused. Some total Hey! It's That Guy! answers the door, and the "Worm" nickname is completely a propos, let me tell you. Whatever eel-like qualities Fuckface has absolutely pale in comparison. Keith shows Hey! It's That Worm! the picture of the girl, and says H!ITW! was filming at the bar the night she was murdered. The bar is called "Body Shots," by the way, which is a spot-on name for a bar that attracts sorority girls. It's so much so that MTV probably owns the frickin' place. While H!ITW! denies any knowledge of the girl, Fuckface observes a guitar and a video collection extensive enough to make David Duchovny blush. Keith allows H!ITW! to retire into his lair, however, causing Fuckface to freak out at Keith how this guy is totally the killer. Keith calmly tells Fuckface that if they let on that they think that, the guy will destroy the tapes before they can get a warrant. Oh, Keith. Warrants are so last millennium. Anyway, Keith blows off Fuckface, and Fuckface blows hot air. Good times.

Veronica finds Mac, who's blued her hair back, ostensibly in further rebellion against her awful, evil, Cinderella-esque fake mother. Mac hands Veronica an invitation to M,M,M!'s party, and asks her to crash it with her. The invitation is in 09er code. Man, I want to marry the continuity editor. Veronica thinks crashing is a horrible, horrible idea, but Mac won't be deterred: "It's my chance to see how the other half lives, especially since I should have been the other half." Yeah, I feel really sorry for you. People as talented at web design as you are never make any money.

Party. Wallace is accompanying Mac and Veronica. M,M,M! opens the door, and the three of them are all festive in wishing her a happy birthday. Hee. M,M,M!, horrified, asks why they're there. Wallace: "I came to celebrate your birth, but these two just want to hook up." Oh, Wallace, always playing straight man. Good thing you're used to being in the minority. The three of them crash their way in as Veronica reminisces that the last time she crashed an 09er party, she lost her underwear. Hey, given that it's your first experience in that area, don't you think you and Mac should take it slow? Some guy comes up and talks about getting dirt on his parents. Veronica tells him that he'll have to wait until her girlfriend is taken care of. Mac checks out pictures of the fam in Egypt. She goes into the study, where she discovers a BRUNETTE younger sibling. Again, the casting director deserves a raise. Getting a brunette girl is one thing, but this girl is exactly like Mac. She's Mini-Mac. Mini-Mac and Mac hit it off for a bit, until M,M,M! and Veronica interrupt the scene. M,M,M! is a bitch, of course, and Mac is ready to destroy her world, but Veronica pulls her out of there. Keep that underwear where I can't see it, girlie.

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