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The Night Is Taken Back...
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We open on a moving aerial view of a big, big party. We pan over to see Piz and Mac standing on a balcony or something with the Pi Sig (Pi Sigma Sigma seems to be the full name) in frame. Well, this explains why we haven't seen Mac in so long -- she was in the last place anyone would look for her. Mac asks Piz if he's seen Veronica, and he replies, "Not in a while..."

...and that is because Veronica is running, seemingly for her life. She runs up the stairs in the dorm, gets to the boys' floor, and desperately knocks on Wallace and Piz's door, calling their names, but sinks to the ground when they don't answer. Fatboy Slim's "Right Here Right Now" plays as she turns to her right and sees a pair of male legs next to her. She looks up in fear to see who it is, and as she does, we see that she's got a nasty cut over her left eye. On the plus side, how dangerous could a guy wearing loafers be? Credits.

When we come back, it's "Two Days Earlier." In the middle of campus, the Lilith girls are ostentatiously celebrating the demise of the Greeks. Veronica watches as VMVO opines that if the Liliths' mission has been to protect women on campus, she's not sure this will help. Good thing that doesn't seem to be the case, then. VMVO adds that while the Greeks may be gone, there's still a rapist at large. Veronica sees Dick and Logan come out of a nearby building horsing around, and VMVO notes, "So the boy can still smile." As you imply, Veronica, he's kind of out of practice, so it's nice of you to stand up and wipe said smile off his face. You know, just so he doesn't strain anything. Veronica approaches them with a "Hey, handsome." Dick: "Not in front of the old man. He's the jealous type." Heh. After Dick moons the Liliths and Logan refers to him as a "master debater," Dick takes off. Veronica tries to be affectionate, but unfortunately for her, we have arrived at the scene that was shown in the promos weeks ago. Yes, Logan -- after gathering his courage and composure -- tells Veronica that he doesn't think he measures up to the person she wants him to be, and that he can't take feeling like a disappointment anymore. Veronica tries to tell him that she doesn't mean for him to feel that way, but Logan says that she basically said she won't let people help her, and he's not built to stand on the sidelines. Veronica, starting to get the idea that she's not going to sway him, nods in shock as Logan says, "I think we have a choice. I think we can take a tough but survivable amount of pain now, or stay together and deal with unbearable pain later." It's considerate of him to think of the forum posters that way. Also, I don't think I've ever seen Logan wear this much black before, which is a nice touch. Veronica bites her lip as Logan tells her he votes for the pain now, but that he's always there if she needs him. He kisses her on her stunned forehead, but then, seemingly taking her speechlessness for lack of affect, chokes out, "But you never need anything." He leaves, and it's nice of him to take the opposite tack as the promo department by making that short and sweet. Seriously, though, that was so...mature. Realizing that you can't change the person with whom you're in love is a hard, hard thing to do. But while he obviously feels incredibly hurt, Logan's doing his best not to blame Veronica, and that's even tougher. Of course, for those of you who miss the old Obligatory Psychotic Jackass, he's not dead yet, as a certain squad car in an awful lot of pain will soon attest.

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