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The Night Is Taken Back...

You know, a lot of people had serious problems with the rape arc. The writers have taken an awful lot of heat for it -- "irresponsible" and "offensive" are words I've seen thrown around a lot. (Some people simply found it boring, but that's another story.) But while there were specific plot points that might have been done better, overall I have to say I don't agree with those assessments. Yes, the university's lack of response to the rapes was appalling. But the level of rape awareness on college campuses in general is similarly appalling, and I don't know that it would have been responsible to depict your typical patriarchal university as appropriately sensitive to rape when so few of them actually are. As for the portrayal of the frat guys, I think, if anything, real partier-type frat boys are generally worse than anything we saw. And the Liliths -- well, I can't blame them for being angry and desperate. As for faking rapes -- I agree that that's a tough sell, but I think it's at least more believable that they did it in an effort to get revenge for their friend rather than as a matter of general ideology. I liked that they had a specific reason to hate these specific frat guys. But even with the Liliths lacking nuance, as many posters pointed out, Parker getting to the point here where she saved Veronica was the true feminist journey, and I'd add that I think the show did the plotline a service by mentioning Take Back The Night so prominently here. I understand that a rape plotline against the backdrop of an unsympathetic, harsh noir world must necessarily lose some people, but I think this last handful of episodes was exceptionally well-crafted. This is all said with the admission that I know nothing about the experience of being raped, and I wish no one else did either. But I don't see the intention behind this arc as anything meant to trivialize or disrespect.

Dean Ed is sleeping in his office, presumably not having killed anyone. He's awakened, however, by a rain of eggs against his window. The door to his office opens, and he asks whoever's present what he or she is doing there. I know you just woke up, Dean Ed, so perhaps you'll allow me to suggest that your REVOLVER MIGHT COME IN HANDY ABOUT NOW?

Keith is chewing Sacks out for not following standard procedure about the bomb threat. Sacks apologizes and tells him that Lamb's on his way in to talk to him. Much like with the rape/fire thing, I think Sacks would be better advised to tell Keith something else. Veronica informs Keith, and us, that the phone she used to call him was actually Moe's, which would explain why Keith didn't answer it at first. But great -- now I'm going to have to start talking to telemarketers just on the off chance that a loved one of mine swiped her assailant's phone. Thanks, show. The point, however, is that Moe probably won't think to turn off his phone, so they can track him. I just hope he's not at the River Stix.

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