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The Night Is Taken Back...

Somewhere outside of Neptune, Mercer nervously nods to Moe, and Moe takes a pair of scissors and pulls out the unicorn horn that's still lodged in Mercer's leg. Mercer yells long and hard, but then Keith busts in and grimly apprehends them. Poor Moe -- he didn't even get to hear Mercer tell him what a good boy he is. And I'll risk looking exceedingly creepy by saying I would have kind of loved to see that.

Veronica is telling her gang that Moe was Mercer's setup man -- he'd dose the girls and would give Mercer the master key he needed. Of course, it does seem like happenstance that none of the girls' roommates was ever home, but then again, it's possible some girls got drugged but not raped for precisely that reason. Veronica adds that Moe was the one that attacked her in the parking lot in order to provide an alibi for Mercer. Mac asks if Logan's been by. Veronica: "I haven't seen him."

But we're about to. Two deputies are sitting in the window of some diner when Logan comes into view and starts bashing their patrol car. He doesn't seem to be hitting it nearly as hard as Duncan did in an analogous situation, so those of us who never thought Teddy Dunn would ever out-act Jason Dohring are learning that there's a first time for everything. Seriously, I suspect Logan's saving his real HULK SMASH! moment for the next scene...

...which is in a holding cell containing Mercer and Moe. Some posters pointed out the unlikelihood of conspirators sharing the same cell, and I must agree. Things get even more crowded when the door opens and Logan enters, fixing Mercer with a look of cold fury. From the way he's eyeing your leg, Mercer, I think you're going to have some trouble exercising your right to remain silent.

Weevil comes into Dean Ed's office and finds the Dean lying on his desk with what looks like dried blood all over one of his temples. Maybe someone got mad that so much of their tuition checks were going to his entertainment center. See you for the next arc!

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