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The Night Is Taken Back...

Dean Ed's office. Weevil has just fixed the TV, and he and Dean Ed chat about boxing. Francis Capra's skin looks even worse to me, and although he seems a little thinner, I'm not sure I'm buying the explanation for his condition that was reported in the press. We'll see after the break, I guess. Weevil says the Dean doesn't have HD yet, so he'll come back when the receiver gets there. Weevil leaves just as Mindy enters, and she hands Dean Ed a set of car keys and explains that she needs to switch her minivan for his Volvo, since she just got called up to Sacramento on business. Dean Ed wonders why they can't send "Wally," but Mindy informs him that Wally is going as well. They agree that Dean Ed will take care of the kids, and Mindy says she'll be back the next day by noon. At first I thought she was driving, which would make no sense, because it's at least eight hours to get to Sacramento from the San Diego area. More if you get pulled over, not that I once was in a car that got stopped on the 5 going 125 or anything. But if I had, my friend who was driving would have told me some lovely stories about having to go back to the San Joaquin Valley to go to court. Even if Mindy's flying, though, that seems like an awfully short trip. Anyway, just then, Dean Ed's assistant pokes her head in and says that there's a man waiting, but he doesn't have an appointment and won't put out his cigar. Mindy has taken the opportunity to make a hasty exit, and when Dean Ed follows suit, he sees the cigar-smoker, who's all, "We need to talk."

Cut back into the office, where we see that the cigar smoker is H!ITG! Jeremy Roberts, whom Buffy fans may remember as Kakistos from the episode "Faith, Hope, and Trick." I say they may remember him as such because he was wearing a prosthetic face, hooves, and teeth, which will tend to alter one's appearance a bit. Anyway, "Mel" tells us and Dean Ed that he's quite the financial contributor to Hearst, and that he remembers his Greek days fondly. Dean Ed looks totally emasculated. The minivan sure isn't going to help.

Food court. There's a cute moment where Veronica stares at her tray like it's her navel, and Mac and Wallace watch her anxiously until Mac can't take it anymore and calls her name. Veronica pipes up that she's fine; keeping up the brave face, she adds that she only told them about Logan because she figured they should know. Piz appears and babbles for a while, telling them to tune in to his radio show. His dialogue is endearing enough, but the "Shut. UP" looks on Mac and Wallace's face are awfully convincing, so I'm going to have to skip transcribing it.

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