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The Night Is Taken Back...

The frat boys are celebrating in much the same manner the Liliths were earlier. Shots of them doing so (including one of shirtless Dick) are intercut with Dean Ed watching them bemusedly from inside his car as Olivia Newton-John's "Have You Never Been Mellow" plays on his radio. I would have voted for "Xanadu," myself. I only admit that because sometimes it's good to remember that stereotypes often exist for a reason. Also, that song rules. Dean Ed's doing just fine with his tune, though, until he runs into the Lilith women, who pelt his car with eggs and literally shake it. This is probably the first time in a while he regrets not having had to take the minivan.

Cut to Dean Ed marching into his office and asking his assistant for a list of all the Lilith residents. His assistant, however, points out that Keith is waiting, and the two of them walk in together. Keith tells Dean Ed that all he has to worry about is his apparent lack of gaydar. Dean Ed: "I don't know what that is." Now, I'm not saying there aren't other people in the world that aren't familiar with the term, but as Venn diagrams go, I'm guessing those who aren't familiar with it and still listen to Olivia Newton-John represent a very tiny intersection indeed. Keith explains that Wally is gay, and mentions three bars Wally went to while Mindy was alone in her room. Dean Ed's ecstatic until his assistant comes in and shows him an ad in the paper from, ostensibly, the rapist, claiming that he's going to choose his next victim at the Pi Sig party the next night. Dean Ed looks to Keith, who just drops his gaze helplessly. Well, at least he did a tremendous job with your wife there, Dean Ed. How much more can you expect from him?

Veronica, who's suddenly chosen to start wearing her hair like Cleopatra, is motoring through campus when Parker calls to her from a Take Back The Night table.

Cut to Veronica disbelievingly repeating the ad copy and concluding that it's Nish's work. Parker, however, says that whether the message is fake or not, it's not deterring girls from going to the party, but they have been stopping by and getting special coasters from her that will turn red if touched with even a drop of a drink that has GHB or Rohypnol in it. Veronica asks if it's cool if she takes a bunch of them, but Parker tells her you can test ten drinks on one card, the implication being that she won't need that many. She also supplies Veronica with a rape whistle. Those are a great idea, although the potential for abuse is pretty high. I mean, when someone's walking one mile an hour in front of you on a crowded sidewalk, it'd be awfully tempting to use it.

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