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The Night Is Taken Back...

At home, Veronica's eating soup and mulling over the Tim/Bonnie connection when Keith arrives home. She quickly breaks the news about Mindy and Landry, and asks if Keith is going to tell Dean Ed. Keith heavily says that he'll have to. Aw, that sucks, Keith. But would it help you to know that Mindy and Landry really have something special together?

In Piz and Wallace's room, Moe is telling the boys that someone has been leaving a gift of sorts in one of the stalls in the boys' bathroom: "It's my amateur medical opinion that he's suffering from what must be a terminal disease." My money's on Glenn -- it seems so in character. Not to mention the fact that if Moe is right, we'll be rid of his K-Fed-loving ass soon enough. Wallace and Piz amusedly deny responsibility, and then Veronica enters and gives them a long speech recruiting them to go to the party, only to find that they're already planning to attend. She then asks Moe if he's going, and he says he is, in a sense: he's driving the Take Back The Night cart for the early shift. Veronica takes his phone and programs her number in, and asks him to call her if he sees any incapacitated girls or shady guys. She tells the boys she'll see them at 9 out front, and leaves. Piz: "What are we doing?" Wallace bemusedly shakes his head. Hee.

Veronica is now pitching the party to Mac. I've never worked in marketing, but I think that, relative to Piz and Wallace, Mac is what's known as a "tougher sell." In fact, she's not sure they'll let her in: "All the glitter has come off my 'Porn Star' tube top." Heh. Veronica says that she could really use the help, and literally gets on her knees and clasps her hands. Mac sighs, "Resistance is futile." That's a bit mainstream as sci-fi expressions go, but we've probably used up our quota of "frack"s for this arc.

On his way out, Dean Ed thanks his assistant ("Cora" is her name) for coming in on a Saturday. When he gets out in the hall, though, he sees Keith. At least he's smart enough to know that this can't be anything good...

...and back in the office, Keith has already broken the news, and is just detailing the evidence. Dean Ed, heartbreakingly, is nodding at all of Keith's points so as not to lose it right there, and wouldn't you know, they broke down any remaining resistance I had to Ed Begley Jr. here. If here were to die, I wouldn't even enjoy it! You know, totally hypothetically and all. Keith asks whether the dates Landry was in the Grand mean anything, and Dean Ed says that if he's not mistaken, they're the nights Mindy claimed to be at Junior League. It would be funny if she first came up with that excuse when she boinked Chip. In less amusing news, if you look at the paper when Dean Ed picks it up, you can see that his hands are shaking. Poor guy. Keith, for his part, given his recent hookup with a married woman, looks appropriately ashamed at seeing the dark side of adultery up close and personal.

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