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Harvey returns with a judge's order. Keith asks Deputy Leo (in uniform again, yay!) to get the DVR. I'm guessing he would have recurred in the fourth season had the show remained in Neptune, but it's just too bad he didn't get more than two seconds of screentime after his triumphant return. Also, apparently Harvey is a County Prosecutor. With the job he's going to do on Keith's campaign, maybe I should start referring to him as Harvey Oswald.

Veronica's looking at the treasure trove of information, which includes many years of audio and video confessions. Veronica clicks on the video for Gory, or "Gorya Sorokin," and if people couldn't figure out why The Castle would want Wallace, I'd be really interested to know what they think they see in this assface. Gory is jauntily telling a story about how he once surreptitiously saw his dad and his uncle dismembering a couple of people they had apparently already killed. Veronica and Mac are wigged, and Veronica says that perhaps she'll let Gory keep his secrets. She can skip Week Four at the Academy: When To Back Away Slowly.

Veronica catches Nish and hands the list over, and Nish is thrilled. "You're gonna make some very powerful men very unhappy." Veronica says it won't be the first time. Nor the 4,879th, but who's counting?

Veronica passes by Gory, who sees her, but she's then accosted by Logan, who tries to apologize. She brusquely accepts, and she tells him to go, as she's meeting Piz, "who, by the way, is the one you should be apologizing to." She's not wrong there. But then, Gory pops over and sits down. He returns the bug she planted, and he menacingly pulls her chair toward him as he says he's glad they caught her on camera, because she's a real bitch. "You know what you should do with your sudden popularity? Just lay back and enjoy it." He leaves, and Logan gets an "Oh, HELL no" look on his face, and he starts in Gory's direction, but Veronica grabs him and says not to, as Gory is "connected connected." Logan gets it, saying he was wondering why she just took what Gory said to her. He apologizes again, saying he can be pretty dumb sometimes, but Veronica says that she's going to need some time. She sits down, but a few seconds later is stirred by the sounds of Logan beating the shit out of Gory. He sends him to the ground, and then asks Veronica if she'd like an apology. She's not interested, and then Gory is like, "Whoever you are, you're gonna die." It's just lucky for Logan that he doesn't come from any sort of money or notoriety. The Castle keeps tabs on that stuff, you know! It actually does make you wonder why they didn't recruit Logan. Maybe they realized that by the time he was done with his confession, half the current membership would have died of old age. Logan smiles big and agrees he'll die someday, then he turns to go and runs right into Piz. He sincerely apologizes and bails, leaving Piz to look confused, but then a little happy. Veronica, however, looks worried for Logan.

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