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The Bitch Is Back

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...And She's Hella Pissed

Veronica enters the cafeteria to rampant whispering and snickering. She tells herself, "Aaand I'm back in high school!" I understand the sentiment, Veronica, but I won't agree until I see Casey Gant or Carrie Bishop. Preferably both. Veronica finds Chip sitting with "a cluster of morons," to use Veronica's words. He's unforthcoming, so she threatens him with scary revenge...

...and then he's chasing her down the hall, eventually catching her and telling her that some guy named Dominick sent him the e-mail. She turns away, and he calls, "So we're cool, right?" She smiles to herself. Hee. Might as well make him shit a brick, Veronica. He's used to that sort of thing.

Veronica finds this douchebag Dominick, who's a complete asshole to her...

...and then he's walking out of a restaurant on a botched date, as his credit card was declined and the girl had to pay. Moreover, his car's up on blocks, and Weevil appears to tell him that he "must have some bad karma." Or in even simpler terms, payback's a bitch...

...and Dominick returns to find that Payback's in his room, in the form of a tiny blonde girl singing a few bars of Daniel Powter's "Bad Day." Hee. He starts toward her, but she fires up Mr. Sparky, so he gives up the name of a guy, "Gory." No, seriously.

Veronica's knocking on the guy's door, and then he appears from the shower. He's even more of a dick to her than Dominick was, and he's also not easily intimidated, even dropping his towel and inviting her to stay for a drink. She's disgusted, and the disgust isn't tempered by the slightest bit of "Well, I have to admit I'm a little impressed." Maybe the hot water was out.

Piz is strumming his guitar and making up a song about his bruised eye. Veronica, for her part, planted a bug in Gory's room, and she's listening to him give pledgemaster-esque directions about picking up instructions at some newspaper stand. She asks if any frats do a late spring rush, but Piz says he doesn't think so. Like any frat guys would recruit Piz. He was just brought in by the writers to make them look bad!

Veronica's photographing the guys who use the machine in question. And as it turns out, Wallace is one of them. So from Veronica's point of view, he's either involved with a dickhead like Gory, or he reads the news. You have to admit that it's a puzzling problem.

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