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...And She's Hella Pissed

...and then she walks into the library and meets the author -- Nish. Nice. Nish tells her that Hearst's founder was a Skull and Bones member at Yale. He started The Castle, modeled after Skull and Bones, at Stanford, where his son went, and at Hearst. So even if Veronica hadn't blown the Kane Scholarship, she still might have ended up a YouTube feature. She goes on that being in The Castle is a ticket to wealth, power, and privilege. "They're treated like rock stars." Ooh, maybe Piz can interview them! Although, given the circumstances, that might be a little awkward. Nish says that her women aren't happy about the society. That is indeed a shift in tone. She adds that they would have sued for admission if they could have figured out who to bother. "No one knows who the members are."

At night, Wallace is waiting in an empty parking lot when a guy wearing all black, including a ski mask, drives up. You'd wonder what the guy would say were a cop to pull him over, but given The Castle's influence, I'm guessing that's not going to happen. Wallace, seemingly by prior arrangement, gets in the trunk. However, Veronica is hiding in her car nearby, and she takes off in pursuit.

The car stops, and Wallace gets out in front of some kind of warehouse. An electronically-modified voice directs him down a corridor, and once he gets into the appointed room, in which there's a chair, a speaker, and a camera on a tripod, he's told (being addressed as "Three") to strip to his underwear, toss his clothes outside, shut the door, and sit in the chair in the room. As he complies, he hears a pained scream over the speaker. He then sees there's a collar on the chair, and is instructed to put it on. The voice tells him what he does now will dictate the course of his future. Specifically, how much voltage it will contain. The voice tells him that if he tells the truth, everything will be fine, but they have no secrets within The Castle, so if he lies to them, one of his brothers will pay the price. Wallace agrees to play, so the voice asks him to tell them about the night he and Rashard ran over the homeless man. Wallace is like, "What, no warm-up? I'm an athlete, here!"

Veronica pulls up outside, concern all over her face.

The voice concludes that Wallace's father committed a crime for him. Wallace says that's true, and immediately gets shocked. The voice duhs that one of his brothers lied, and asks what item he was carrying in his pocket. Wallace says it was a pen, and hears a scream as a result. "You want to try answering that one again?" Well, you could argue that it was a pen, even though it's a camera as well, but I'm guessing these guys are too trigger-happy for technicalities.

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