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...And She's Hella Pissed

Keith's next stop is the next-door neighbor's house. Keith says he understands that "Mr. Harvey" has security cameras in his yard...

...and they're looking at the footage as Harvey tells Keith the cameras are all hooked up to a DVR. Keith quickly zeroes in on the right footage, and Harvey asks, "Is that a girl?" Well, Harvey, how many five-foot-one guys with long blonde hair do you know? (If the answer isn't "zero," consider it a rhetorical question anyway.) But actually, it's a good thing Veronica has that internship, because hopefully somewhere in the twelve weeks she'll learn how to COVER HER HAIR UP. Keith, having some idea that this particular girl is a dependent of his, asks to take the DVR into evidence. Oh, Keith.

Keith pulls up to talk to someone who's presumably working security for the gated community. Unfortunately, it's Deputy Gills (Bloated Craig Bierko from "Un-American Graffiti"), who's still understandably pissed at Keith for firing him, and is therefore supremely unhelpful in identifying strange cars that might have passed through the night before. He wishes Keith luck in the election. From his sarcastic tone, it's almost like he doesn't know Keith is a mortal lock!

Mac is telling Veronica that she owns the most powerful PC on campus, and it would still take her twenty years to crack Jake's password. She references Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan, and Veronica says that when Mac does that, she sounds like one of the nerds in Revenge Of The Nerds. That seems harsh, but Veronica's popularity has soared of late, so I guess it's only natural that she start looking down on the geeks. Mac has some potential good news, however -- there is a computer on campus that might be up to the challenge.

Keith, rather frenzied, enters Veronica's room and starts tearing it up. He quickly finds a sweater that's recently lost a thread. Well, at least he didn't stumble across the condoms or the naked pictures of Blake Lewis. (Oh, you didn't know about those? They're everywhere!)

Wiedman comes to see Bloated Craig Bierko about a license plate. Uh-oh.

Weevil lets Mac and Veronica into the supercomputer, and they get it working on the problem.

Wiedman goes to see Harvey.

Veronica arrives home to find her room ransacked, and then Keith appears and confronts her. He says that if she's in trouble, now's the time to tell him, but VMVO says Keith would never look at her the same. I don't really think that's true, but I'm not really in the mood to pick a fight. She says she's going to spend the night at Mac's, and she sweeps out.

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