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Her Name Is Luka...

Veronica's back in Retail Land, asking INGIJLFC if he knows who the baby's father is. INGIJLFC speculates that maybe it's the guy that raped Luka. Veronica's shocked, not least that Luka told INGIJLFC about it, and asks if he knows who it was. He doesn't, but he does know that the rape is one of the reasons she left her hometown. Veronica starts to leave, but manages, amidst all the uncertainties swirling in her mind, to latch on to one incontrovertible fact. That being that this guy is a total fucking loser. She accuses him of stealing Luka's diary. He unconvincingly tells her that she's paranoid, which she freely admits: "But it doesn't mean I'm not right." Just because you're paranoid doesn't meant they're not out to get you. In fact, Miss Alli's been in the other room for quite some time. I'd better go check on her. (Oh, I'm kidding -- I live in New York! "Other room," indeed.) Veronica says she wants the diary, as it'll help her find Luka, but INGIJLFC denies having it. Veronica steps away and makes a call. "Hear you have some free time on your hands. You want to do me a little favor?" I'm not on the right team, but if I were, I'd probably be asking where the line started right about now.

Veronica sits reading on the hood of her car as she waits. It's nice to know she uses her time efficiently. INGIJLFC looks out the glass door suspiciously at her, and she waves. Hee. The bikers show up in good time, and Weevil and Veronica share a little fist-bump. Is that the biker version of going steady? The bikers invade the clothing store, and Weevil grandly says he heard there was a sale, as the Diesels start trying on clothes and making a mockery of fashion. I'd really like to see them go on to Milan. Anyway, after INGIJLFC has had a good chance to void his bowels, Veronica's voice rings out, "Guys! Remember! No white after Labor Day!" Good line, but the Diesels' mock-disappointed chorus of "Aw!" is what really sells the moment. Hee. Veronica sidles up to Weevil and asks INGIJLFC ("Nathan," apparently, for those of you not into unwieldy acronyms) if he might possibly have found that journal. You can see Nathan's palpable realization that girls are too much trouble. Knew I'd see you in my neck of the woods sometime, kid. And just color me tickled pink about it.

Keith's staking out what seems to be Butterface's place. He sees Andre and Butterface come out, and Andre loads some suitcases into his car. Doesn't really look great for him, but I figured out the resolution of the A-plot at the mention of the rape. As I said, I may be slow, but I've watched TV before. At the train station, Keith stops Andre and Butterface, noting that it's a suspicious time for Andre to be skipping town. Andre corrects Keith that he's just dropping Butterface off. I guess he's done painting her in the nude, then. I'll tell Miss Alli that it's safe for her to open her eyes. Keith lets them go, but says he's going to wait for Andre. Well, it's your time to waste, I guess.

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