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Her Name Is Luka...

In front of a graffiti-streaked wall, Clemmons tells Logan and Weevil that they're getting off easy, so obviously Logan made Weevil's reinstatement in Neptune High a condition of forking over the boots. I'd say the audience was the winner in that trade. Clemmons leaves, and the boys get set to repaint the wall, but Logan notices that Weevil's got Lilly's name tattooed inside a heart on his back. I should mention that Logan and Weevil refer to the tattoo as being on Weevil's arm, which probably just indicates a last-minute script change. Because if they have that much trouble keeping body parts straight, it would really be interesting to see what would happen if one of them said, "Pull my finger." Logan gets all in Weevil's face about the tattoo, but after some swaggering and posturing, Weevil says that Lilly is his little sister's name. Logan lets it go way too easily. The forum posters do not make the same mistake. But really, "Lilly" -- and the double "L" clinches it -- is far too uncommon a name for Logan to buy that. Also, given Weevil's grandmother's ten years of employment with the Echolls family, wouldn't Logan have some idea of whether that's true? I mean, he'd just have to have taken the slightest bit of interest once in ten years...okay it sounded good for a second. Anyway.

Diary. VMVO, I'm sorry to say, bores me here, and given that it's the fifty-three-minute mark, that says something about the A-plot. Veronica finds a drawing of a seaside labelled "Paradise"...

...and we're at said seaside. VMVO tells us that after the rape, Luka ran away and started sleeping in her car. Well, that'll sour your outlook on life. Veronica finds Luka's car, and then VMVO tells us that Luka's one bright spot was Andre. Wow, things were worse for her than I thought. Veronica finds Luka, who asks whether her parents are there. Upon hearing an affirmative, Luka seems distant and weird. You know, although a lot of the forum dwellers took issue with this, I wasn't particularly bothered that Veronica didn't have much of a reaction to the news that Luka had been raped. Veronica, as we've seen, keeps her emotions in check very well. Also, although when the rape is dealt with as a story arc on the show, I'm sure it will stir deep emotions in her, right now, I think the fact that she wasn't conscious for the experience is enough to make it fairly abstract for her at this point. In other words, it's not as much of an issue for her, right now, as her mom's disappearance, Lilly's death, or even Duncan's breaking up with her. But I would have found it nice if she'd offered Luka some small bit of comfort here. Veronica's a caring person, and she considers Luka a friend. Say something. It doesn't have to be empathy -- sympathy will do just fine. Anyway.

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