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Her Name Is Luka...

Veronica's doing homework as she hears Killer barking. VMVO tells us that dogs are "nature's psychic detectives." I thought they were psychedelic detectives, but then, I grew up with Scooby-Doo. Upstairs, Veronica sneaks in the window to Luka's place. She picks up Killer and looks around. This scene is meant to generate suspense, but with Andre's artwork littering the scene, it doesn't come off. Nothing lowers the heart rate quite like bad, pretentious art. It's better than serotonin. Anyway, unsurprisingly, Andre has returned home and is heading toward the apartment. Veronica picks up Luka's phone (a little contrived that Luka didn't bring it with her, perhaps) and sees that, along with Veronica's name, there's a "Dr. Delmont" in the call logs. Veronica checks that number, then notices a handgun in one of the open top drawers. She uses a pencil to pick it up. Andre is at the door, and puts his key in the lock. Veronica looks around for inspiration. I doubt a Dell Dimension commercial is what she had in mind.

Before I get to the climactic resolution of this scene, I must inform you that it is now Friday, and I am recapping in front of an audience, consisting of the fabulous and talented Miss Alli, with whom I have just shared a lovely Mexican meal. I've never recapped in front of one of my fellow staff before, so I'm a little nervous. The good news is, she's had margaritas. The bad news is, so have I.

Okay. Andre enters and calls for Killer. Veronica's holding him while hiding in the shower, but he barks upon hearing Andre's call. Miss Alli would like you to know that she thinks the two sculptures on the table in front of Andre look collectively like an ass. And she interrupted her reviewing of a book consisting of articles about surfing to tell you that. I hope your gratitude is commensurate with the effort expended. Realizing she's out of options, Veronica barrels into the living room and pretends that she didn't hear Andre come in. He's understandably annoyed at finding her in his apartment, and doesn't completely buy her cover story about Killer barking so loud she couldn't study, but kicks her out with no more hostility than is appropriate to the situation. Veronica heads back downstairs.

School. Evelyn, Class of (18)79 is going over photographs for the display with Veronica. Veronica asks about Lianne (maiden name Reynolds, by the way), spilling that she's her mother. Evelyn coos that Veronica looks just like her. Lady, don't keep us in suspense. Are we talking cataracts or glaucoma? Because they look nothing alike, aside from the blonde hair. Veronica picks up a picture of Lianne and Jake, and Evelyn coos that they were quite the lovely couple, and that everyone thought they'd get married: "They were something, like a couple in a movie." Well, that movie jumped from the romance genre pretty quickly. VMVO tells us that high school is meaningless, and that she was part of a perfect couple once, but that perfection is fleeting. We flash back to Veronica talking to Lilly, the day after the breakup. Veronica points out that Lilly said Duncan and Veronica were the perfect couple only the day before. Lilly says she doesn't want to be in the middle, and evasively says that maybe Veronica should just "move on." Well, we're all a little disappointed with the efficacy of those two words, aren't we? Veronica wants to know what Duncan told Lilly. Lilly, trying to be upbeat but unable to hide a slight tinge of sadness, tells Veronica to trust her, and that she deserves better. Veronica doesn't see it that way, and rushes off crying. Present-day Veronica, in normal color, sees Past Veronica run into the bathroom. Cool idea, even if it ends up looking pretty damn fake. The background shifts to the present.

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