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Her Name Is Luka...

In a RED classroom, Mr. X tells Weevil and Logan to alphabetize all the books. I always associate extreme red lighting with houses of depraved sexual practices. Considering the undertones in the scene to come, I don't think I'm going to be shedding that association anytime soon. Once Mr. X is gone, Weevil and Logan start treating the books in a manner that would make the creators of RIF cry. They also talk about how nice it would be to pay Mr. X back for the detention. Logan says something about poetic justice. Weevil: "I think I've got your poetic justice." Miss Alli wonders why he didn't add "right here." I maintain that the "right here" is understood to be in his pants. Weevil says he has a plan: "If I thought you had the cojones to pull it off, I'd tell you, but..." Logan, with a wink: "Never underestimate the size of my cojones." Yeah. "Under"tones. Good one.

Just to update you, Miss Alli has had enough of surfers for the evening. At least until we get into the wine.

Mr. X goes out to the parking lot to find his car missing. Dude, call David Duchovny. On second thought, let me.

At the apartment complex, Veronica notices a man and a woman talking to Andre. Inferring that they're Luka's parents, she waits for them at the bottom of the stairs. When Andre takes his leave, they come down, and she gets their attention and gives them Keith's card, saying he's good at finding missing people. Of course, he hasn't found Lianne yet, but they don't know that, being from out of town and all. Let the buyer beware. Of her husband.

School. Mr. X arrives, having gotten a lift from another teacher, to find a crowd gathered around the flagpole. And here I thought Wallace wasn't going to be in this episode. Mr. X breaks up the crowd to find his car. Unfortunately for him, he's not going to be driving it any time soon, as it is now surrounding the flagpole. I'm not sure how that could have been done without completely disassembling and reassembling most of the car. But it's a very cool shot, so I'm willing to call this one of the few times that Rob Thomas isn't in the details. Mr. X orders everyone back to class. Hee. That's going to be a fun conversation with the insurance company. Does his policy cover "acts of punk-assed, ambiguously gay teenagers"?

In the hallway, Clemens calls Weevil into his office for the car incident, saying he's got a witness that Weevil did it. On the way, Weevil nods and smiles to Logan, who barely acknowledges him back. He only likes you that way behind closed doors, Weevil. In the office, Clemens plays good cop, which really isn't going to fly. Because that makes Mr. X the bad cop, and while the bad cop may come in many shapes and sizes, he never wears a sweater vest. Anyway, Weevil's no rat, so Clemens expels him. Weevil's kind of short, by the way.

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