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JD: Oh, totally. In Neptune, especially with the elite of the different groups, I think there's a mutual respect. Even in the fight scene, which I loved, you could feel it. But Francis is great, so when you do a scene with another guy and you're both trying to be the best actor you's really who can be the most present. I was realizing that the other day -- if you can be aware of everything the other guy is doing, that makes you a better actor. If I can be aware of everything and understand it and be able to receive it, that makes for good acting, and if everyone's doing that, then the show is really alive. CB: Let's talk about Amanda Seyfried for a minute. JD: Dude, this girl is such a good actress. People have no idea how good she is. She has a freedom that's unbelievable -- there's no attention on herself whatsoever coming across. She's a scene-stealer, man! CB: Yeah. And even though you didn't have a lot of scenes together, your character's relationship with Lilly was one of the driving forces of the first season. The main opportunity you had to sell that was in "The Wrath Of Con." JD: Yeah, and it was cool, because she'll play, you know, with the champagne thing, and lots of other fun stuff. CB: Did you feel like you guys really sold the relationship? JD: Yeah! I mean, you find out later that she thought I was jealous, but we didn't know any of that shit until it came out in a later script. The flaws came out later, but I didn't know about them in the first several episodes, so I thought it was just a cool relationship. CB: I also felt that not only was the relationship between the two of you important, [but] the group dynamic between you two and Duncan and Veronica was [also] key, because it really showed what Veronica had lost socially, beyond just the fact of Lilly's death. JD: Wasn't the group dynamic awesome? I just fucking loved that. And I couldn't agree with you more -- like when we were all taking pictures of each other, and being on the beach together, and it was us four -- we were really a group, and when that went haywire -- it wasn't the same with just us three, no matter how much we may have wanted that. CB: Totally. Now, in the beginning of this season, Logan was sleeping with Kendall Casablancas. You did a couple a fairly steamy scenes together. Had you ever done a sex scene before?

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