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CB: Yeah. So do you think Logan retains any optimism at this point? Or do you think something good is going to have to happen to him, something passive, before he gets to that point? JD: You know what? I don't think he's ever going to redeem himself, personally. I don't think he's going to make any drive to become better. If somebody were to step in and understand him, sit and listen to him, then I think he could come out of it, and I think that's where Veronica has the only power to do that, because he's not going to go, he's never going to admit, "Oh, I'm wrong, I want to change my ways," but with kindness and understanding, I think he could be brought to that realization. CB: One other point about your character that I mentioned earlier is that he's impulsive. Do you ever see him sort of learning to plan ahead and think before he talks, or do you think he'll always be kind of a hothead? JD: When I get the concept of the kind of character he is, I think he's going to say whatever's on his mind...impulsive behavior, less calculated to deceive somebody. I mean, he's good at scheming, I think -- that scene in the car with his dad in "Return Of The Kane" showed that. And he really understands people's feelings. He understands being the outcast -- he can understand anybody's situation, even though that might not be reflected in his actions. CB: Speaking of Logan's dad, what was your reaction when you heard that you were going to be working with Harry Hamlin? JD: You know, I guess L.A. Law was kind of before I started watching, you know, regular TV, so I didn't quite know who he was, exactly. But I told my parents, and they were like, "Unbelievable!" And I guess I had heard, but didn't really remember until recently, when that People magazine came out [and] he was "Sexiest Man [Alive]." But we never talk about anything outside of...we talk acting and stuff together, but I never ask about career stuff or anything. He's another very serious guy, but very nice. CB: Were you surprised by how much he brought to the show? JD: Yeah, man! I heard that it was some of his best work. But I gotta tell you, at one point I watched Clash Of The Titans, and I thought he was fucking awesome in that movie! For that role, he was so fucking vulnerable, heroic, and I think he was...his natural quality or dynamic, his innate character came through so much in that, I was like, "Dude, this guy is fucking awesome!" He was just...I don't even know how to explain that quality. He didn't know it, but he was willing to take that chance and do whatever was needed. He was a leader.

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