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CB: Did they tell you anything specific about Logan before you read for him? JD: We chatted a little bit, but I think Rob's pretty good about letting you do your thing first, because I don't want to go into an audition and somebody tells me all these notes before I've even done what I want to do -- it's maybe destabilizing, a little bit. So he didn't give me any notes, but as I said, it was all, "Fun, fun, fun, fun! You gotta like this!" And it's funny, people that are like Logan, they're dark and nasty and treat people badly, it's like, they do it because they like it. You can't ever think of a character as away from you, or think, "Oh, I don't like that," because then how are you gonna be that guy? CB: Yeah, and I think one of the lessons drilled into screenwriters is that no character can think of himself as bad or evil, that they have to be doing what they think is right. JD: Absolutely. And that can be a challenge -- sometimes I'll get a script in and think, "God, that seems so nasty!" And then it's like, finding a way to say those lines and color them in such a way that seems halfway decent. CB: Rob told me that when he was down to three guys for Logan, the first guy went in and read with Kristen, and afterward, she told Rob she didn't think he was intense enough. Rob's response was, "Wait 'til you see the next guy," referring to you. You mentioned the monologue you used to get in character, but tell me a little more about what you were feeling when you went in. JD: Well, let's see. There were three scenes originally -- it was kind of funny, because one of them was the headlight-smashing scene. I was using a paper to "smash" out the "headlights," and Mark said that when we went in there, I shouldn't do the thing with the paper. I asked why not, and he was like, because these execs haven't read the script, and they won't know what you're doing. They'll be like, "Why is this kid swinging that fucking paper?" It was kind of a reality adjustment. Then in the second scene, Rob said he wanted someone who could play an asshole, but a guy who feels, too -- not just the asshole. Someone you could sympathize with, too. So we had a second scene with my dad burning me with a cigarette lighter. We did that, I guess, when we tested for the studio -- it was a pretty fucking cool scene...I loved it. It was pretty intense, and then the next one we did was the scene where I drive up to Veronica. When we went in to test for the network, Rob said we weren't going to do that second scene because the guys would get a little freaked out or whatever.

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