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Actually, They're Neither, But Who's Keeping Score?

In the hallway, Veronica answers her phone, and Keith tells her that Heidi's cell phone showed two calls that morning to her fiancé. Veronica speculates that Heidi might just be hiding from her family, and might answer her phone if she didn't recognize the caller ID. Keith tells her that the explanation in these cases is always cold feet, and Veronica hangs up by way of answering and tries Heidi's number. She gets a fax tone, puzzling her...

...and then Jane's answering the door for Veronica, who asks whether Heidi has a fax machine. Jane says yes, and starts looking around, even though if this is the same apartment, Jane obviously worked such a miracle on it that she should be canonized immediately after she dies. Anyway, Veronica tells Jane that Heidi's phone and fax must be on the same line, so I guess the calls Veronica mentioned much earlier were on the land line. Jane says that the line has been switched to fax since Heidi's been gone, and Veronica speculates that someone must have tried to send Heidi something while the phone was on, causing Heidi to switch over to fax mode for the second attempt. Veronica successfully retrieves a copy of the fax from the machine's memory, which is a tour schedule for a band called "XLR8." Jane says that Heidi's old boyfriend Nick is in that band, and what's more, he's the one whose name Heidi had removed from her ass. There's a note on the flyer saying, "Babe -- I need to see you." Heidi, it's okay to forgive him, but do us all a favor and think twice before turning the other cheek.

Bar. VMVO tells us that the tattoo removal was three years ago, adding, "You can laser a guy's name off your ass, but I wonder if you can ever cut him out of your heart." I would have thought so, but given that they couldn't even get that horrible voice-over out of the script, maybe excision in general is a lot tougher than I realize. Veronica shows the bouncer the flyer, and he points across the street...

...and then Veronica's knocking at the band's tour bus as VMVO says she's in some town I never heard of. Also, she doesn't seem to have her car, so maybe it's still in the shop? Some Deadhead-looking dude opens the door...

...and moments later, Veronica's in the back of the bus, where she discovers Heidi with a good-looking guy who's ostensibly Nick. Veronica asks what gives as we head into the last commercial break.

Veronica's sitting with the couple now, and Heidi makes disbelieving comments to the effect that Veronica is "twelve" and "a barista." Veronica brushes away Heidi's rudeness to lecture her about how worried her family's been, but Heidi snots some more before saying that the wedding's off: Paul ran back to his old flame. It's too bad most bands don't have a violinist, because this would be his cue. Heidi adds that she came to see Nick because his mom's in bad shape and he needed her. That's so touching. I'm sure Nick's mom is just shedding a tear of joy, in between all the tears of pain caused by the chemotherapy she's enduring alone because her idiot son is acting in his own version of Almost Famous...Not So Much. Anyway, Heidi called Paul to tell him where she was, but he didn't call back, and then she got a text message from her friend Kim saying that she saw Paul leaving his ex's place at dawn. Veronica asks Nick how he sent the fax from an unlisted phone number, and Nick confesses that he didn't so much do that. What's more, Kim is the one who lost her phone, so she didn't send the text message. Veronica says that Vinnie was behind the fake messages, and Heidi asks why...

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