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The Rapes Of Graff

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Ice Ice Redux go see Dean. She asks where she could find a Hawaiian girl and, after clarifying that she doesn't have time to hop on a plane, learns that some of the Pacific Islander kids have lunch at the Student Union on weekends. Veronica thanks him and heads off down the hallway, but turns back and calls Dean to ask what the "CL" on one of the message boards means. He tells her it's a Pi Sigma score, and I just hope that girl doesn't wonder if maybe she isn't even Lisa Kudrow. Veronica reiterates the scores for being blonde and sassy. Dean: "Well, yeah. I mean, I don't know if you get points for being sassy, but yeah." Hee. Dean adds that the rumor is that the pledges have a board in their basement one which they keep a tally, and that if they don't score high enough, they're punished with a head-shaving. Veronica thanks Dean, gets out her phone (Sidekick! J'accuse!), and heads off, thinking that maybe Dean isn't really ready for college if he can't even add two and two.

Cliff and Keith are waiting in the sheriff's station when Lamb arrives. Keith calls his name, and the placating way he addresses him as "Don" should be Lamb's first clue that this is a conversation he doesn't want to have. Keith shows him the picture of the briefcase woman, and Lamb denies knowing her. The second picture, of Lamb talking to the woman, also gets Keith nowhere, and Lamb starts to walk away again. Door #3, however, has a shot of Lamb and Madison, who Keith notes "takes World History with [his] daughter." I can't believe Lamb gives that to children. Lamb, hilariously warily, looks around, and then asks if this is blackmail: "She's eighteen. It's legal." Keith notes that that would be a swell campaign slogan for the next election, and Cliff produces another copy of the picture with "18 -- It's Legal! Re-elect Don Lamb." Heeeeee hee hee. I felt bad for Keith in the last episode when Lamb got the best of him, so it's nice to see him turn the tables. Plus, Lamb's kind of cute when he's cornered like this -- he's just got to be careful that he doesn't ruin his looks by chewing off his lower lip in frustration, like he seems to be on the verge of doing. He tells them that the woman is an escort, and Keith and Cliff leave, Cliff saying, "I'd vote for you." Given that he gestured to the picture, I certainly believe that. Madison's pretty, um, zesty, after all. Nonetheless, Lamb rips it up. Hee.

Frat house. The doofus from the party is showing Wallace around, saying that when he got to Hearst, he decided he wanted to be a Pi. Wallace: "Yeah, once when I was little, I wanted to be ice cream." Well, why didn't you marry the ice cream? Anyway, Wallace takes advantage of the fact that the doofus is ahead of him to surreptitiously unlock one of the windows, and Veronica quickly opens and climbs through it. Yeah, good luck getting this good a sidekick in Maine, Veronica.

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