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The Rapes Of Graff

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Ice Ice Redux

Veronica approaches the Pacific Islanders' table. Removing her nametag, she accosts a girl with hot pink hair and babbles a story about needing a custom wig. The girl snits that it's her real hair, but I don't know why she's so offended. I mean, it's unlikely the curtains match the carpet, and if they do, I think she's got bigger problems anyway. Veronica hems an apology and starts to haw away, but a pretty girl in what looks like a wig suggests a place to her. Veronica thanks her pointedly and walks away...

...but catches her when she's leaving. I wonder how many campus activists she had to fend off in the meantime. Veronica brings up Stacy, and the girl stops with a look on her face like she just heard that global warming sped right the fuck up to the point where Hawaii is now Atlantis.

Lecture hall. A class is letting out when Stacy rushes up to talk to the female dean ("Dean Harlowe," which heh), saying she got a message saying that the Dean had some information about Icetwin. The Dean's confused, since she's still waiting to hear from Lamb, but Veronica and the girl from the lunch table stride forward as Veronica announces that she left the message. She tells a skeptical Stacy that Icetwin didn't do it, and the Hawaiian girl, "Dawn," helps Veronica out by taking off her wig. I feel bad for her, but hasn't television had enough of fake sisters named Dawn? Anyway, Veronica stresses that Dawn's rape happened when Icetwin was safely across the country. Stacy breathes, "The same thing?" Dawn nods. However, the hair in the box was actually Gordo's, who left it as a "fuck you" to Stacy. Veronica then hands the Dean a blown-up picture of the board in the basement, adding, "I don't think you want that getting into the Hearst brochure." From the way the Dean's pursing her lips and squinting at you, Veronica, it's just as well for your scholarship chances that you took off your nametag. (I just want to say how good a job I think Alia Shawkat did with this part. Not that I didn't completely enjoy Michael Cera, because I did, and that kid's comic timing is unbelievable. But one of the things I love about Maeby is the air of untouchability she projects. I mean, what other sixteen-year-old could pull off a job as a Hollywood exec? But here, she showed what happens when her aura of invincibility is ripped from her. She's mad as hell, but she's also deeply sad in a very understated way. I could be biased, of course, because I already loved her, but it's great to see such presence from her. Anyway.)

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