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Ice Ice Redux

Outside, Logan gets props for his release (as also happened in the classroom off the mention of the subject of freedom), and looks stoked until Hannah appears and holds up her hand for a high-five. Logan merely looks at it like Hannah's got "Did you know you can get Ebola from a handshake?" written on her palm. They fall into step together as Hannah tells Logan that she got his locker combination from the janitor and left him a surprise. Given what that surprise is, the timing might not be ideal, in a broad sense because Logan's about to fulfill his end of the bargain and dump her hard, and also in a narrower sense, since he looks like he might projectile-vomit into the next county at any moment. Anyway, listening to this conversation is like watching someone walk the green mile, so let's cut to the chase: Logan says he can't see Hannah anymore. Hannah asks if this is a joke, and keeps on asking even as Logan walks away. Her self-esteem is through the roof.

And we're at Hearst: Wallace and Veronica are lounging on the grass as Michael Cera arrives, introduces himself as "Dean," and says he's going to be their tour guide. Now, I will at least honor the actors' wishes and not refer to them by their AD characters' names. However, I do have to opine that having Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat (who are currently aged seventeen and sixteen), playing college while Kristen Bell, Percy Daggs, and Aaron Ashmore (currently twenty-five, twenty-three, and twenty-six) play high school is a bit much. I mean, you can have actors play down, and you can have actors play up, but when you do both in the same scenes, it brings on this vague "don't cross the streams" feeling that's both distracting and a little unsettling. Pick a lie and stick with it, entertainment industry.

Anyway, Dean -- whose hair rather illustrates the darker side of freedom -- exposits that this will be a three-day tour, so each participant should pair up with someone he or she doesn't already know. Wallace goes to hit on some girl as Dean tells the pairs to play that game where you tell the other person three things about you -- two of which are true and one of which is a lie -- and the other person has to guess the lie. When Dean learns from an NVMVO that Veronica is unpaired, he fills in, and she tells him this: "I'm Veronica. I'm from Neptune. And I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die." I don't think she understands the game. Dean counters that he's from Wheaton, Illinois, his father owns a Ford dealership, and he also shot a man in Reno, but it was for "other issues." I'm really trying not to yell, "STEVE HOLT!" at the moment. Oh, whoops. Veronica calls that Dean's father doesn't sell Fords, which is correct, and tells him, regarding lying, that "it's all in the eyes." Dean says that he sees someone coming who will make a good partner for her, and lo and behold, it's Icetwin. Yay! Some people on the boards were bewildered that other people were so psyched for this character's return, especially given how his arc ended, and I can understand that. It took me some time to, um, warm to him. (I think the way he was obviously terrified of Keith did it for me. I must have liked him deep down to give him such an awesome nickname, though.) But I think he turned out to have some real chemistry with everyone in the main cast and especially with Bell, which made it all the more interesting when he turned out to be bad. Also, of course, he reminds me of a simpler time, when the show was new and the VMVOs and flashbacks were plentiful. And if you liked Icetwin from the beginning, and are looking around wondering where all these people came from? It's a fact of life -- you're always gonna get some hop-ons. Anyway, Veronica's none too psyched to see Icetwin, and they goggle at each other as we go to the opening credits.

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