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Ice Ice Redux

Dean pats Icetwin on the back and heads off as Icetwin looks after him with a "PLEASE don't leave me" expression on his face. Icetwin nervously asks Veronica how she's been, and Veronica snaps, "Lie. I don't believe you're really interested. Next statement." Try "This is the toughest crowd I've ever worked," Icetwin. At least she can't call bullshit on that. Icetwin gamely soldiers on, and, in the context of the game, says he used to be a bad boy, but that "after a year of private school, therapy, quitting drugs, and dumping my loose-cannon ex-girlfriend, I've changed into a more-or-less good boy." Well, Icetwin, I just hope Shauna doesn't know where you are, because you don't fire crazy. You never fire crazy. Icetwin winds up by saying that he communicates telepathically with all denizens of the sea, and but Veronica is still not having it. As she starts to walk off, Icetwin tells her that he really has changed, but Veronica says she doesn't care, since he's water under the bridge. I guess he knows Logan's mom, then. Hi-yoooooooo!

Logan opens his locker to find a cake box with "Just in case" written on it. (That refers to a statement from Hannah in the earlier scene that she made it before she got the good news.) He opens the box to find a cake bearing a large icing replica of a Monopoly Community Chest "Get Out Of Jail Free" card. (Speaking of which, now that they're history, I wonder if we'll ever find out if Logan, uh, "passed Go" with Hannah.) Dick rolls up and asks if they're hanging out this weekend, or if "that chick still [has Logan's] sack locked up in her E-Z-Bake Oven." Hee. Logan says he's free but, upon learning that Dick is as well, asks what happened to Madison. Good question. Maybe she was belatedly awakened by some lesbian poetry? Also, she told Dick it was over three episodes ago, so at first I thought Logan would know this already, but then I realized that that was when he first started sucking face with Hannah while defiantly staring into her dad's eyes, so it's believable that he hasn't had much time for anything else lately. Dick tells Logan that Madison met someone more mature. Logan: "Where? LegoLand?" Hee. Dick says that maturity and "chicks" are the two most overrated things on the planet, and suggests that that weekend they "party like Ozzy." I don't think Ozzy parties too much anymore. It's not that he's mature -- it's just that Sharon's got him in the same position Dick described a few moments ago, and her E-Z-Bake Oven goes to 11.

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