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Ice Ice Redux

Par-tay! Someone's having a well-attended bash. People dancing. Wallace. Alia Shawkat talking to some guy. VMVO says that Hearst has it all -- campus traditions, interesting people, and "drunken doofuses who corner you to tally your points." We see Veronica, and from the combination of "bored" and "offended" on her face, she could be watching 7th Heaven, if not for the fact that she herself doesn't appear to be trying to drink herself into a stupor. The jerky frat type gives her points for her good attributes -- she's a natural blonde, super-cute, and "sassy," the score for the last of which he says is variable depending on degree of difficulty. She asks/exposits that any guy who bags her would score 210 points, and the doofus says that that's high, and that she should be psyched. Veronica: "I am. Inside." Hee. The guy seriously asks what she thinks about their getting "busy." Well, they say that opposites attract, and in the context of the discussion of Hearst students' SAT scores earlier, I think these two mirror each other exactly on the bell curve. Veronica asks the guy for his beer, and when he smarmily obliges, she throws it in his face. Only he closes his eyes, like, an entire second before she lets it fly, so she should totally follow up by giving him two for flinching. The guy calls her a "crazy bitch," and then picks up another one and asks how she likes it, only Veronica tips it back into his face as well. Beer me twice, shame on me. The guy grabs Veronica's arm rather roughly, but Icetwin appears and tells him to back off. Icetwin makes with the big talk until the guy's fist goes flying into his face. Okay, heh. Veronica helps Icetwin to his feet, and then Shawkat appears and says that Veronica's beerfriend is a tool, and offers to get Icetwin a drink. Icetwin: "How about if I get you one?" Alia: "So, chivalry isn't dead! Just can't fight." Heh. Shawkat leads Icetwin away as he tells Veronica that there are some things he can't change. Given what's coming, though, he would have been well advised to try.

Veronica finds Wallace, who's having a blast, and tells him it's no big deal having Icetwin there. Unlike her statement earlier, she seems to mean it this time. Dean comes into the scene a half-second too late, which Veronica covers with an eyebrow-raise, and says that it's a fun party. "In high school, parties are just guys getting drunk and scamming on chicks, but here, you have intellectual conversations!" That's pretty much the exact opposite of the speech my host gave me when he took me to my first college party. Of course, he was a six-foot-six football player who could have killed Dean with even a half-hearted sneeze, so it's not surprising their outlooks were a little different. Dean asks Veronica what she and the doofus talked about. Veronica: "Jane Austen. But he dissed Pride And Prejudice, so I had to throw a beer on him." Hee. I have no direct proof of this, but I think this is a shout-out to all the posters who were incensed with Jackie for doing just what Veronica said the doofus did. Actually, it's more "poking fun at people for seizing on a relatively innocuous event to excoriate a character they were predisposed to hate." But "shout-out" sounds better and is easier to type. Veronica and Wallace tell Dean that they're going to leave and, in the process of doing so, see Icetwin and Shawkat heading off while holding each other around the waist and smooching. Veronica smiles, so I guess she's at least somewhat okay with Icetwin now, not that I blame her. On the way out, Veronica sees the doofus scoring another girl. She walks past, but then thinks better of it and stuns the guy, which might get her in trouble in the real world, but on TV kind of rocks and was totally deserved, although the bored way she did it was a little disquieting. Making it even more awesome is the fact that the other girl totally laughs, and that the guy gets his third beer all over him as he falls. That last was 90% gravity, though.

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