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Icetwin is asking Veronica how sick in the head she thinks he is. Veronica counters by asking why the cops think Icetwin did it, so he admits that he's the last thing Stacy remembers, people saw them go upstairs together, and there are "hair and fibers" of his on her. Apparently there's no way these tests could have been done that quickly, but we'll just C.S.I. our way over that. Anyway, when they tested Icetwin's clothes, they also found that they'd just been washed. Veronica's aghast, since she's never dated a guy who even thought about doing his own laundry. Icetwin's story, however, is that he and Stacy did fool around on a PG-13 basis, but that she retched on him, so he cleaned up, took off her shoes and tucked her in, and then washed the only change of clothes he had at the all-night laundry. Veronica: "If I decide you're guilty, I'll help hold the hammer while they nail you to the wall." Icetwin nods forlornly, and Veronica asks him if he remembers anything else about the night before. He says that there was a guy with long dark hair who gave him the stink-eye, since he'd unsuccessfully hit on Stacy earlier. He had a frat sweatshirt on, so maybe Stacy poured a beer on him, too.

Mars Investigations. Keith pops in a tape from the Grand's elevator as he explains that he got tight with the security guys when Veronica and Duncan started dating again. Heh, that explains this. It's nice to know how Keith stays a step ahead of Veronica. Not that this was as amusing as exploding ink in the strongbox, but then again, what is? Cliff starts to run through the contents of the briefcase, none of which are of much interest, unlike the woman, "Daphne," who's just appeared on the tape. Noting what she's built for, Keith grinningly asks whether Cliff really thought she was a gynecologist. Yeah, especially given the handcuffs, although I wouldn't be shocked to learn that that's the only thing out of the briefcase Cliff didn't lose. Cliff goes on that his briefcase contained receipts, keys, "I believe a copy of Elle magazine, but I forget why." Hee. And also, Logan's case files, but how could those matter? No, really, I'm asking. (Not in the "email me and tell me" way, though.) The tape now shows Cliff in the elevator with Daphne, and he covers his eyes in embarrassment as Keith, watching the sped-up tape of Cliff moonlighting as the Cleavage Inspector, intones, "My God, Cliff, you're like a wild animal. Is that what the kids call motorboatin'?" Heeee hee hee. Cliff: "I have a zest for life. So sue me." I will, but only if you promise to represent yourself. Later on, Lamb is in the elevator making out with Madison. Given Madison's comment to Dick at Winter Carnival, I guess this means that Lamb doesn't need to stuff socks down his sheriff's pants. Also, the way Lamb is all over Madison in this horny high-schooler way is just hilarious. He totally still lives with his mother. Daphne gets into the elevator with Madison and Lamb; the latter appears to know her. Veronica appears in the doorway to Keith's office, and breezes that she just needs an address and then she's back off to Hearst. I guess this means that T-Mobile stopped coughing up to product-place the Sidekick. Veronica gets the frat's address, and then comes in and manages to pick her chin up off the floor long enough to identify Madison with Lamb. And given that she's getting her spit directly into his mouth, she won't have to bother taking him to the dentist.

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