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The Rapes Of Graff

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Ice Ice Redux

Frat house. Veronica enters, and is disgusted by all the filth. She also discovers that the doofus who punched Icetwin, "Andrew Barndale," is a member, as is Gordon Peters, the one who was giving Icetwin the stink-eye. They're brothers and they kind of like each other. Not like that, though. Some dude, "Chip," introduces himself; in response to Veronica's inquiry, he says that Gordon is in the hospital, since he had to have his stomach pumped: "Eighteen shots of vodka. Not a good idea. Who knew?" Heh. He tells Veronica that she can leave a message for him on the board. How about, "Dear Gordon, you owe me two hundred bucks for throwing up in my shoes." Worth a shot, so to speak.

Dean is speaking to the tour group, but Icetwin's off on his own little scarlet bench when Veronica finds him. Icetwin says that he bailed, because he was getting tired of the dirty looks. Veronica: "So you figured creepy skulking was a better use of your time?" You're losing her here, Icetwin -- think of something you have in common. Ooh, I know -- ask her how Duncan is! We see a couple of girls give Icetwin said dirty looks, and Veronica tells him that if he can't tell her anything else, he might have to get used to them. Or, worse yet,to the county jail. I just hope it has a good analrapist. Seriously, though, I know nothing's been proven against Icetwin yet, but would the school really want to take him on a tour of other potential victims? Anyway, Icetwin recalls that he left his name and number on Stacy's message board, and it's kind of sweet that he took the time to do that when he was stinking of bodily fluids that were neither the fun kind nor his own. Veronica asks if she could go check and find it there. Icetwin, in a small but hopeful voice, says she could just believe him. Veronica: "I'll check." That may seem harsh, but on the plus side, the temperature finally got down to Icetwin's level of comfort.

Neptune Grand. Logan and Dick are drinking and playing a street fighting game. Dick amusingly tells Logan, who's not completely into it, how he's going to rip out his spine, which he rather amusingly proceeds to do. Also, Dick's wearing a t-shirt that says "Screw With My Head," and it's too bad he wasn't wearing this for the tranny, since she could then claim that she was following his wishes, in more ways than one. Anyway, Dick makes a grand speech (uh, sorry) about how he and Logan are "lone wolves" and don't give a rat's ass about what other people say. Not a dead, waterlogged, duct-taped, stinking rat's ass. Dick gets Hannah's cake out of the refrigerator, cuts into it, and finds a file, which Logan somewhat wistfully explains is a joke. He and Dick toast to "not giving the ass of a rat," and Logan chugs his beer expertly. Anyone shocked that he can open his throat? Anyway, it seems like Logan appreciates the pep talk from Dick and really values his friendship, but at the same time is longing for someone a little more meaningful. I know -- I'm talking crazy here.

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