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The Rob Thomas Interview, Part I

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Sometimes Those Who Teach Can Also Do
CB: So you're keeping up with The O.C.! RT: Actually, I've never seen an episode, but there are a couple of writers on staff who watch it -- we always get "The O.C. did that story." But I'm not saying -- clearly, we're doing big-story television. I'm not doing these simple little Freaks and Geeks stories either. To me it meant that if I wanted to do a teen show, it needed to be high-concept, it needed to be case-driven, because those are the shows that they want to put on the air, the shows they can sell overseas. I see myself as a Northern Exposure writer in a C.S.I. world, and so when I had that book idea, it occurred to be that it was a way to do a teen show that would be case-driven and high-incident, and yet I could still make it a character-driven show, underneath the detective cases and the high concept. CB: You mentioned in an email that you're in the process of redesigning your website to include Veronica Mars. Are you going to include any stuff we haven't seen on the show? RT: Totally. You know, the network has been really great, for the most part -- for example, letting us say that Veronica was raped in the pilot was incredible. Also, in the original version, I had Veronica find a bunch of letters from her mom that Keith had been keeping from her. The network felt that that was too much -- they wanted me to show that Keith and Veronica loved each other. I think, in retrospect, that that was probably the right call. That said, I was really annoyed about some things that were cut in that episode. For example, when Veronica plants the bong in Logan's locker, it was originally supposed to be in the shape of a cock. He would have had to walk down the hallway with this big cock in his hand. CB: Ha ha ha! Considering some of the things I've written about Logan, that would have been hilarious. RT: [laughs] Yeah. And that was totally Standards and Practices -- the network would have loved it. I originally envisioned Veronica Mars as a cable show, where I could have gotten away with that. But I'm going to put the original pilot script on my website, and until Warner Brothers shuts me down, I'm going to try to put [up] the unaired original cold open of the pilot episode. Also, we collect our favorite sound bites and turn them into MP3s, and I thought I would drop a bunch of those in there. [At this point, Rob plays a bunch of these over the phone for me. Hee.] If we don't get a DVD after the first season, I'm going to put some unaired scenes on the site, too.

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