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The Rob Thomas Interview, Part II

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"'Veronica Mars' Just Rolls Off The Tongue"
CB: Well, I have to make sure it's not some sort of homage to Joey Potter. RT: Oh, no. To me, it's just that the two names sound great together. "Veronica Mars" rolls off the tongue really well. But people pointed out to me -- before it ever aired, we were in the editing room working on the pilot, and I realized how many times it was in there, and we started this joke that it was a drinking game. You sip on every "Veronica," and you chug on every "Veronica Mars." And we were thinking of an idea in the office where Veronica runs for school office, and people would be reading off the ballots, "Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars..." I'm going to set up the rules for the Veronica Mars drinking game when I get my site up. CB: Well, if they show up on our forums, you'll inspire a lot of drunken Tuesday-night posting. RT: And when we're sitting around watching clips or watching dailies, when we hear "Veronica Mars," people in the room say "Drink!" even though we're not drinking. But we think the name sounds good. CB: Veronica does a lot of seriously techy stuff. I mean, she's not quite Sydney Bristow, but how much research have you all had to do on surveillance and spy techniques and the like? RT: Well, we have a PI who was on the payroll for the first thirteen episodes, and is still a consultant on the show. Now, once or twice an episode, he'll get an email from us asking something like "How would you go about getting a fake passport?" "How far will this kind of microphone transmit?" And we'll get a response back and work it into the story. One of the things we found out that would kill the show if we did it accurately is just how much they can do on the computer, because we don't want to be the show where Veronica's in front of the computer all the time. CB: That's funny, because some people have complained that she gets as much information as she does from the computer. RT: PIs can just do everything on the computer, but whenever possible, we try to make it fun and interesting. "Lord Of The Bling" wasn't the most popular of episodes, but the fun part for us was her having to pretend to be the hospitality host, and taking the rap group up to the room and showing them around and then bugging it. That's fun. CB: You said in the forums that you think the show has gotten better over the first half-season. What do you perceive as having improved?

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