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The Rob Thomas Interview, Part II

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"'Veronica Mars' Just Rolls Off The Tongue"
CB: Now, you said in the forums that another producer on the show described reading TWoP as like "getting hit with a tidal wave of love tempered by a million paper cuts." Do you guys read the site and go, "Uh huh, uh huh...oh, OUCH." RT: Oh, yeah. I don't read every single post, but I read a lot of them, and that's totally how it is. Just last week, "Lord Of The Bling" wasn't the most popular episode at all, but we try to take that in stride. I didn't worry so much about last night's episode ["Mars vs. Mars"] because I'm really confident that it's good, but I'm wondering about the reaction for next week's -- well, it's funny, because our Veronica Mars team likes last night's episode as much as any episode, but the network thinks next week's episode ["Ruskie Business"] is our best episode. It's a bit lighter, a bit smuttier -- it's the first time I've ever turned the script over and heard back from the network that they had no notes at all. In my entire career that's never happened. I sort of suspect, though, and I could be totally wrong, that the hardcore Veronica Mars fans will think next week's episode is good, but not the best, but the casual fan will think it's great. CB: Let's go back to the characters for a bit. Miss Dent. Was there just too much other story going on to fit her in the way you wanted? RT: Sydney Tamiia Poitier is a really talented actress, but we weren't finding enough storylines for her and we were also way over our cast budget. The crazy thing is that our show was budgeted to have three guest stars a week. With some shows, where they're all about the recurring cast or the series regulars, that's possible, but with detective shows, you need the clients, you need the victims, you need the people you're going to question, you need the red herring, so that cast budget wasn't working for us, and without Sydney in an episode, I could hire three more guest stars. CB: A lot of posters lament the fact that Weevil doesn't get much screen time, although most concede that it's better for him to be underused than overused. Are we going to see more of him over the rest of the season? RT: You'll see him about the same amount. You'll have a bunch of episodes where he's in two scenes, and a couple where he's in three or four. But one thing people should know is that according to our actor deals, only Kristen, Percy, and Rico are in all the shows produced. Francis and Jason and Teddy are all seven of nine, or seven of nine in the back and ten of thirteen in the front. So we don't use them in some episodes not because we don't want to, but because contractually we don't have them.

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