Going Back to Cali

by admin April 13, 2009
The Ryan Hansen Interview

TWoP: You'll be a boyfriendy type.
RH: Yeah. My character has a big crush on Krysten Ritter's character. So she doesn't like me but I really like her. I'm kind of an '80s rocker/surfer kid. My hair looks weird and fun. It's pretty bad ass. It's an '80s orgasm.

TWoP: Yeah. Well I've been trying to get out of the '80s for all these years. It is a little sad to go back.
RH: You've got to embrace it. We're going back.

TWoP: Is there a lot of tie dye and Hammer pants?
RH: No Hammer pants. This is early '80s.

TWoP: Early '80s. Okay that's good.
RH: If we keep going there will be some Hammer pants and all that good stuff. Now it is acid wash denim and all that stuff.

TWoP: So are you working on any other movies or anything else in your infinite spare time?
RH: No man. I just finished up those two things. And I'm just hanging out and seeing if we're going to get picked up or what we're going to do here.

TWoP: Are you petitioning Rob or Josh for jobs in any of their other projects?
RH: No. I think I maxxed out of their giving out of parts.

TWoP: Any chance that we'll ever see Dick Casablancas in any form again?
RH: Yeah hopefully well see a lot of Dick. Maybe a movie or something. I keep hearing rumors of it, if it all fell through one of these days. That will be really cool.

TWoP: The all Dick Casablancas spinoff. He becomes a cop or something.
RH: I like it.

TWoP: As far as Rockville, anything else we should know about it?
RH: About Rockville? No... I think that's it.

TWoP: You don't have anything else exciting to say?
RH: Nope. That's it. That's all I got.

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