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"The Word 'Coma' Bugs The Hell Out Of Me"
CB: So would you say this has made you more aware that the things you write are sometimes going to be interpreted more broadly that perhaps you intended? RT: Oh, know, I think I was aware of that. I knew...I knew that when there was a fake rape story I would catch some flak. I knew that going in. CB: You know, I didn't have this question prepared, but on the topic of shades of gray, I want to tell you that "Of Vice And Men"...I don't know to what extent, if any, this was an episode where you wanted to show the audience your worldview, but everyone in that episode comes off as really gray in a moral sense. Was that what you were going for? RT: I should say that if I'm defensive about my feminist cachet, I'm even more defensive about "Veronica as nice person." But it's Veronica's internal struggle between forgiveness and vindictiveness, and what standard she holds people to. You know, she, like our audience, is fairly judgmental. It's tough for her to let things go, it's tough for her to forgive. She's very eye-for-an-eye. And certainly, that episode is largely about cutting people some slack, saying we all make mistakes, but at the end of the say, who can you count on? For better or worse, who is going to stand by you, and can you give them a love that's more unconditional? CB: Right. Now, I think the other main criticism about the rape storyline is the university's response to the rapes -- I think people thought that the university really didn't care, and they worried about what kind of message that sent. RT: Hmm. I guess I checked out...I haven't heard that one before. Is the idea that in reality the university would do more? CB: Yeah, I think so. I know we saw Take Back The Night in the last episode... RT: ...and there was the rally in the first episode as well. And the Safe Ride Home program, and we hear that dorm floors are no longer coed. But the big demand is that they shut down the fraternity houses. It feels to me like one of those arguments of, okay, we install cameras everywhere, there are security guards everywhere, and then...where's the show? What does Veronica do? CB: Part of the reason I ask is that I speculated that the reaction on a lot of college campuses would be something like we saw. I think the level of rape awareness is shockingly low on a lot of campuses, and I thought the frat boys' depiction was realistic too.

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