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"The Word 'Coma' Bugs The Hell Out Of Me"
CB: So let's talk about the ratings. You had a big spike in the last episode. What are you doing to try to parlay that into continued higher ratings? RT: Well, I'll tell you honestly -- it's a battle. The CW -- they've told their other shows, the way they're promoting the network is to promote Gilmore Girls, Top Model, Beauty And The Geek, and the network as a whole. So our show isn't alone in this, but we don't really get marketing dollars, so what are we doing? We're negotiating to pay for some promotion out of our own show budget, which is a drag, because it's taking money off the screen. We're negotiating with websites, putting ads up on things we think are very targeted. Some good news about losing the two episodes is that, originally, we were scheduled to premiere [the second arc] on the night of the two-hour American Idol launch. If there's any silver lining, it's that that would have killed us, you know? So now we're actually a week later, and I think there's even a bonus....this is not a good episode, so I regret it's our highest-rated ever, but "Return Of The Kane" came on Election Night, which was being covered on every network except ours, and we got this incredible spike. And on the 23rd, there's a State Of The Union Address, so I'll bet we do a good number again. At least that's the hope. So what are we doing to promote our show? We're scheduling ourselves against the State of the Union. We're counterprogramming. No, I'm really excited about the next two episodes, but...I was really excited about "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week" this year and I felt like it kind of got a lukewarm reaction, so...what I think is great about the show is not necessarily what other people think. But honestly, there's not a lot of promotion -- we're doing our best to cobble some stuff together. Our executive producers kind of handle that stuff for us -- they do their best to beat up the network, and they try to find targeted areas where we can get the most bang for our buck. And there were very different rules for product placement when we were on UPN, and we need that money. You've seen a few of them -- the Saturn this year, the Chili's booth that was put up...Oh! I've got a cool spoiler for you! CB: Go ahead! RT: A friend of Dan's and John Enbom's and mine, Paul Rudd, has signed on to do Episode 17.

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