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"The Word 'Coma' Bugs The Hell Out Of Me"
CB: I mentioned in my recap that I thought it was a lot stronger and a lot more identifiable that they did what they did for the specific revenge reason rather than for just an ideology. RT: Oh, yeah! Of course! And you know, when Nish sends Veronica into that sorority house in "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week" and says there's a room she wants her to find, she's totally genuine. There's nothing duplicitous about that, and when it does fall down at the end -- Veronica doesn't find anything -- all that Nish does is print the truth. It's like the introduction of Jackie in Season 2, where, in my mind, she doesn't do anything wrong in the second episode. She goes out with Wallace, she has a date. She goes out with another guy, she has a date. People acted as though Jackie had cheated on Wallace, in a way the real world, we don't judge people like this. But how hard people came down -- I mean, Jackie was immediately villainous. There was a scene where Jackie confronted Veronica in the coffee shop -- I actually thought Veronica was mostly in the wrong there. It's one of those scenes that lands so differently with the audience than I perceive it -- in my mind, Veronica's being pretty bitchy to this girl who's done nothing wrong. In the audience's mind: "Take her head off, Veronica!" CB: [laughs] Well, it's our Veronica and our Wallace, and who is this girl coming in? RT: Right, and similarly I don't think Nish did anything wrong, but clearly...because she doesn't do what Veronica wants, she is a bad guy, and similarly, again...if you look at how the boys from the Hearst Lampoon are portrayed versus the feminists, I think the women come out on top. I try to keep things in shades of gray. Very few people come out clean, and very few people are pure evil in the show. Like in "Lord Of The Pi's," I find Fern totally charming and witty throughout that episode. If it's just that I can't have feminists fake a rape, if that sends me off some cliff of thinking all women are a certain way, I don't think that's fair. I will say that the portrayal of those was affected by the coverage of the Duke lacrosse scandal. Immediately, when they turned those cameras on and cut to the demonstrators, so many people, before anyone heard anything, were willing to hang those kids, or to support them fully. And I just found that remarkable and distasteful. So there was some reaction to that, watching. You don't know what happened, and yet you want those boys in prison. By the way, I look at those lacrosse boys and my own personal gut reaction is that they're a lot like Dick Casablancas, you know -- that they are probably lunkheads and male chauvinists, but I'm not willing to call them rapists before we've even heard anything. And...oh, the word I was looking for is "strident." There was certainly some notion of putting the strident people who I reacted to in the Duke lacrosse thing into the show.

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