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You Gogo, Girl

Limo. Kyla, Wallace, Icetwin, and Veronica are riding. Veronica's wearing her sassy hair from earlier, and a red satin dress. Aw. Veronica looks out the window and asks if they can make a stop. Icetwin babbles that they should really get to the dance. Hee. Keith put the fear of God into him. They pull in at the beach, and Veronica tells Icetwin to stay in the car. She walks up to the water's edge and disrobes. She dives in and is having a grand old Lilly-remembering time as we fade to black.

Was this practical? No. Was it hygienic? No. Is Icetwin going to get the shit kicked out of him when he deposits Veronica at the door looking like this? It's a distinct possibility. But remember that the episode is about Lilly, whom I wouldn't say was too concerned with practicality. This is the first episode where we really saw what Veronica and Lilly were all about, so I think it's okay to sacrifice some practical details for Veronica really to pay homage to her. I just hope she's going to stop in at the gym shower.

No scenes from next week, which caused, "the forum posters" to gasp in consternation. My DVR tells me that there is in fact a new ep scheduled, though. Whew!

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