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You Gogo, Girl

We flash back to the Kane compound, as Celeste calls to Lilly that everyone's waiting for her. And indeed they are, as Veronica's in her ugly pink dress and Duncan's in black tie. Duncan complains about Lilly's lateness, but his sister soon appears and catwalks her way into the room in a cleavage-showing sparkly number, hair pulled back and looking quite pretty herself. Logan is there as well, looking rather dashing in a blue vest added to his formal attire, and the kids pose for pictures. Celeste tells them that they all look...very nice. Her tone adds, "...except for my slutty daughter, whom I may or may not kill. That's what February sweeps are for, bitches!" The kids mug happily for the camera until the limo arrives.

Wallace appears, shaking Veronica out of her flashback. He happily tells Veronica that he's talked more to Kyla today than he had in the last four months combined. Four months? Weren't you the new kid getting strung up like, a month ago? Also, it's not that big an accomplishment to speak to a block of wood. If it answers you, we'll talk. Wallace adds that he's the "cavalry" who gets to save the day. Two If By Geek, Wallace. Veronica gets a call for Amber, goes into the voice she normally reserves for getting Backup's attention, and tells the person at the other end that "of course!" she can meet him that day.

Elsewhere, Logan catches Duncan at the latter's locker and sees that he's got a bunch of videotapes. Duncan explains that his mom thought it would be nice to have a video tribute to Lilly at the dedication ceremony, and his dad wanted someone who knew her to do it. Well, not to offend the family of the dead or anything, but duh. Logan -- momentarily showing more vulnerability than we've seen from him until now -- insists on doing it. Duncan thanks him.

Veronica sits on a park bench, wearing a red top and skirt and sporting a sassy teased 'do. Wallace and Kyla observe surrepdorkily. Some reject from School Ties smarms his way up to Veronica and introduces himself as Karl, saying that she must think he's the biggest loser, what with the sending his friends emails begging for money. Karl, you had her at "loser." Veronica blondes, "Well, gambling is an addiction!" Hee. Kyla tells Wallace that this dude isn't the same guy who took her money, but that he had on the same outfit, right down to the ugly backpack. Wallace struts over to Karl's car and plants what I assume is a tracking device on it. I also assume that there's a logical explanation of how Veronica got said device, since I imagine it wasn't cheap. Veronica runs down the deal with Karl, and when he confirms that she'll double her money in a week, she asks whom to make the check out to. His face falls as he says he can't negotiate a check with his accounts being frozen, and that he told her that already. Veronica: "It must be the hair! Blonde." Hee, again. She suggests they meet at the same place the next day, and he agrees. As he starts to leave, Veronica lays it on, asking if she can trust him. He replies, "You can trust me, Amber. Hand to God." Well, he had the bigger trowel in that exchange.

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