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Daughter Of A Preacher Man

House of Mars. Veronica bursts in with the news about Anthony hearing the shot around 2:20. Keith doesn't seem impressed, which makes Veronica stop short and wonder what's up. Keith shows her an envelope he found in their mailbox, filled with photos of her leaving the women's clinic, and asks if there's anything she wants to tell him. Keith reads a letter aloud that tells him his daughter was seen patronizing a place that is known to perform abortions. Veronica can't believe the gall of "these people": "They sit up in a building with their telephoto lens and take pictures of people in their most private and personal moments -- that's disgusting!" Veronica announces with nary a shred of irony. Keith points out that it's not disgusting, it's how they pay the rent. Veronica argues that it's not the same thing. Keith gets back to the topic at hand: is Veronica preggers? No, of course not! Keith heaves a huge sigh as Veronica explains that she was at the clinic for her RU-486 case. There's no return address or postage on the envelope -- how did they know where Veronica lived? She hasn't been home since the clinic, right? -- but there are a lot of God-y pamphlets accompanying the photos. Veronica picks up a bookmark with the name of a publishing company on it: Good Word Press. "Harassing women in crisis since 1973," Veronica drawls happily. "You think you wanna get all up in their bidness?" Veronica asks Keith. And how.

Arriving at Good Word Press, Veronica and Keith profess to be Carson Drew and his assistant Nancy (hee!), looking for whoever it is that publishes the religious pamphlets. Good Word Presston cops to it, but immediately goes off about how it's his constitutional right to publish the stuff. Keith spins a tale about how they are PIs representing the family of a boy who is engaged to a chick who might be less than pure. The family wants the chick investigated because they heard she recently terminated a pregnancy at the Neptune Free Clinic. Good Word Presston shakes his head, all personally put out by such an act. "I know," Veronica says, feelingly, which makes me giggle. This is all just so that she can look at the photos that are taken of the women as they leave the women's clinic. Good Word Presston points at some books and invites her to have at them. Veronica starts flipping pages and spots a snap of Dick's redheaded Nadia just as Smarm Thurman walks in. Their cover blown, Keith and Veronica hightail it out of the Good Word.

Outside, Keith notes that he and Veronica have done better, and then catches sight of the blinged GODZLUVV license plate. "Tasteful," he decides. Veronica thinks they did okay, because she recognized Nadia in the photo book.

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