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Daughter Of A Preacher Man

Veronica tracks Dick down in the caf. He's reading some girlie mag, so Veronica gets off, "Wow, Modern Breast, I hear that's really hard." Dick zings back, "The rebound starts with me? Niiiice." Why am I seeing flashes of Veronica and Logan's relationship from Season 1, like, way before they ever got together? Please don't go down that pathetic path. Please. Veronica asks what Nadia's last name is. "Comaneci," Dick provides without batting an eyelash. Veronica wonders how dumb he thinks she is, and explains the whole Olympic gymnast thing. "You sure?" Dick asks. "I mean, she doesn't have an accent." Hard to tell when Dick's being deadpan and when he's just being dumb. Veronica tells him not to play dumb, and talks about Nadia showing up at the women's clinic. She supposes that Nadia was there to get the RU-486 at Dick's bidding. Dick hopes Nadia was there for a box of sponges: "If we aren't going to have an empty sexual encounter, I've kinda got stuff to do, so..." Veronica stares him down. Dick gets the message and leaves.

Elsewhere on campus, Veronica lies in wait for Nadia. When the redhead finally appears, Veronica says she had to go to a whole lot to get Nadia's class schedule. Nadia's all, "Okay, stalker!" Veronica wants to talk to her about "[her] pal Dick." "Dick?" Nadia repeats. "Dick Casablancas," Veronica clarifies. Nadia still doesn't show signs of knowing what the hell she's talking about. Veronica says she saw the two of them walking together, and tells Nadia that Dick said her last name was "Comaneci." Nadia laughs, realizing at last whom Veronica is referring to, and says, "Okay, that Dick. Yeah, um, I got drunk at a party and I made out with him for like five seconds and then I gave him a fake name." Veronica just stares at her. "What, would you want him calling you?" Nadia asks and walks away. "Good point," says Veronica's face.

I found this scene to be really quite odd. Keith gets a desperate call from the Widder Dean. She's panicked because she can hear someone rifling around downstairs, and she has sequestered herself and her kids upstairs. She didn't call the police because Keith is closer and competent. See, she knows he's closer because when he stopped by with Backup, he mentioned that he was only ten blocks away. I found that a strange comment to make at the time, but it had to be a setup for this.

Anyway, I was starting to think that the Widder was setting a trap for Keith. Then, as he creeps up to the house dressed like a cat burglar, black knit skullcap and all, I get even more worried. The door is standing wide open, and a hooded character walks out, carrying something. Keith bangs him on the back of the head, and the intruder drops the frozen turkey he's carrying and falls on his face. Keith rolls him over and, oh lord, it's the zombie formerly known as Richard Grieco.

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