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Daughter Of A Preacher Man

On the balcony, Logan gives the fiery San Diego sunset a depressed gaze as he finishes a drink. Back inside, he slams the glass down and picks up the phone to drunk-dial Veronica. Getting her voicemail, he rambles that she must be out digging through someone's trash, interrogating one of her friends, or beating out a confession. He announces that if she digs deep enough, she'll discover that everyone's a sinner. Yeah, but dude? Some sins are worse than others. "Judge not, Veronica," Logan preaches, "et cetera, et cetera." He then tells himself to stay on message, and chokes out that it's encouraging that someone out there still has such high expectations of him. He says that he would give anything if he could take back that night with Madison. Better not to even say her name here, dude. He's sorry he caused Veronica so much pain, he's sorry it happened, and he really loves Veronica.

Veronica flits around her kitchen the next morning, trading yuks with Keith over the title of her philosophy text, Either/Or. Keith picks the paper and notes that Rev. Ted is leaving cable access for "the big time." He's going to FOX? Smarm Thurman is pictured as Rev. Ted's CFO. I wonder why the Rev. himself isn't pictured instead. I mean, he is the talent. I know, I know -- it was all about Keith recognizing Smarm Thurman's face from the Good Grief Press office, but still. Keith wonders if a ministry should even have a CFO. Veronica and I think not. "You don't think he did it, do you?" Keith asks Veronica, referring to the RU-486 doping. "He struck me as being aggressively pro-life." Veronica speculates about how it would look for a televangelists to be saddled with an unmarried pregnant daughter: "A fly in the collection place, perhaps?" Veronica calls Bonnie and asks if she trusts Smarm Thurman. Not really, is the answer, so Veronica explains that she wants to search his office during today's service. Bonnie can get Veronica into the service if Veronica can get there in fifteen minutes and in church clothes.

The next thing we see is Veronica leaving her room in a fussy, almost tweedy suit, with her blouse hanging out. Either that's supposed to be a fashion statement or we are being effectively shown how uncomfortable Veronica is in such establishmentist clothes. Frankly, I'm surprised that she even has a suit. I'm not surprised that she would have had church-appropriate attire, which would just be nice slacks or skirt and a conservative top, but the suit thing? Not so much our Veronica. Then again, she does have to go undercover, so she probably has clothes for all occasions. On her way out, Veronica notes that she has a voice message. She listens to Logan's message as far as "Ah, Veronica's voicemail. So where are you, Veronica? Out digging through someone's trash?" before Keith comes out and asks if she's okay. Veronica hangs up and responds, "No, just...old crap." She deletes the message. Good girl.

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