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Daughter Of A Preacher Man

On her way to Bonnie's dorm, Veronica gets a call from Weevil, inviting her to see German engineering reduced to a cube. Smiling with delight, Veronica says that she'll be there after church, and thanks him. Weevil hangs up, and repeats, "Church." He raises his eyebrow skeptically. Hee. I'm so glad to see his janitorial uniform hasn't neutered him; I was beginning to worry.

Rev. Ted appears on the scene and is surprised to see Veronica standing at his daughter's door. He didn't know they knew each other. Bonnie opens the door and perks, "Oh, hi -- you two met?" Rev. Ted walks in and says they did, but that Hester never told them she and Bonnie were friends. "'Hester'?" Bonnie asks Veronica, who just makes a face at her. Rev. Ted is about to delicately ask after Veronica's health when Phyllis comes into the room, squeaking, "Reverend Ted!" Rev. Ted greets her as his "other daughter" and gives her a big hug. While they babble in the background about weight loss and cheesecakes (I don't know), Veronica is examining something on what must be Bonnie's bookshelf. She pulls What To Expect When You're Expecting off the shelf and notes the "Does Everyone Go To Heaven?" bookmark stuck in it. Stricken by the site of the bookmark, Veronica bursts out that she thinks Tim slipped Bonnie the RU-486. But haven't we already established sort of beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tim could not have gotten it from the clinic? Bonnie looks traumatized, and Phyllis looks down. Rev. Ted doesn't know what is going on, but before he gets an explanation, Bonnie wants to know why Veronica thinks Tim's the guilty one. Veronica slides the bookmark out of the book, explaining, "This bookmark is a gift sent by a pro-life group to everyone who comes out of the Neptune Clinic. It's the only clinic in the area that provides RU-486. It's some sort of shame campaign -- I just found it in the book Tim gave you." Bonnie looks over at Phyllis, horrified. "By the way," Veronica tells Rev. Ted, "your CFO works for the same group." See, I guess I just figured that Rev. Ted had some sort of agreement or support with Good Grief Press, too, and that he might hand out those bookmarks to his parish and therefore to his daughter. I guess he's not supposed to be that wacko. It's actually sort of refreshing that they didn't smack all religious peoples with a brush dipped in the same crazy tar.

Rev. Ted finally catches up, realizing what happened with Bonnie's miscarriage and wondering why she didn't tell him. Bonnie just says, "Phyllis." "Bonnie?" Veronica asks, as Phyllis looks up from where she was guiltily hanging her head. Bonnie slowly says that Tim didn't give her the book; Phyllis did. Phyllis tries to explain that she had Bonnie's interests at heart. Veronica stands there staring open-mouthed at the can of worms she dumped all over the floor. She genuinely didn't want or expect that this would be the way she would solve the case. Phyllis goes on to say that neither Dick nor Tim was worthy of Bonnie, or of being the father of Bonnie's child. Bonnie continues to look sick and horrified as Rev. Ted puts two bracing hands on Bonnie's shoulders. Phyllis rants that the baby would have destroyed all of Bonnie's plans and goals: "No career at all -- just divorce and a baby to support. And you have dreams, Bonnie, and I was trying to help you." Phyllis sobs that Bonnie was going to give up the baby until her parents found out. Phyllis is sorry. Finally, Bonnie finds her voice: "Sorry? You're sorry? GET OUT! I CAN'T LOOK AT YOU RIGHT NOW I WANT YOU OUT OF MY SIGHT!" For some reason, the actress playing Bonnie went decidedly Southern in her accent there. Well, even if the character isn't from Texas, Carlee Avers is. Maybe her accent slips in when she gets emotional. As Phyllis continues to try to apologize, the preacher's daughter starts screaming at her to go to hell. Damn, when your daddy's a minister, that phrase seems to take on way more force. Phyllis retreats to her bed to cry, while Rev. Ted holds his daughter back and tries to calm her down: "She didn't mean to hurt you, she didn't mean to. Try to be forgiving. It's the only way. Anger will tear you down, it will make you less of the person that you want to be." Hey, save it for church, bub. Meanwhile, Rev. Ted looks right at Veronica and says, "Anger will tear apart your soul." Oh, MAN! This means she's not going to cube the car. Fuck. I was looking forward to that. Stupid better self prevailing.

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